There are a number of ideas suitable for sports team fundraising. There are some tried and true favorites, such as selling edibles like candy and pizza , or non-edibles like scratchcards .  Scratchcards have become increasingly popular because of their ease of use; namely, no storage or shipping requirements.

There are also lots of fundraising events that are commonly used by sports teams to raise money. Events that require physical activity are especially suitable for sports team fundraisers since it gets the hordes of supporters out exercising, which goes hand in hand with the whole idea of sports. Sports tournaments and walk-a-thons are good choices.

Another effective idea is to simply ask for donations. This can be accomplished over the phone or in person, but can also be done through a mailing. If you’ve ever had to work on traditional fundraising events, or sell products to everyone you know, you’ll appreciate the simplicity in this.

Start by writing a professional, personalized letter about your team – the more personal, the better. Include photos, the team’s accomplishments, and be sure to mention its fundraising need: how much money is needed and how it will be used. Team members then send this to their individual lists of supporters.

Be sure to include a self-addressed stamped return envelope to make it hassle free for supporters to mail you their donations. You can send a separate mailing with a version of your letter tailored to local businesses or alums, signed by everyone on the team for a personal touch.

It couldn’t be easier. The athletes just sign the letters, address the envelopes, and mail them. That’s it. And the expenses for this fundraiser are limited to the cost of stationery and postage.

It saves loads of time and the hassle of making calls or selling and delivering products, and the awkwardness of asking for and collecting money. And it works really well.

It is possible to do this through email, but email tends to be less personal than an actual physical letter. A signed letter shows potential donors that you’ve taken the time and made a special effort to send it.