Remember the days of the big Spelling Bee where you had to practice all those words? In those days it wasn’t so much fun, but when you participate in a fundraising Spelling Bee as an adult it is often one of the best times ever. Spelling Bees are fun and profitable and except for promotional efforts, require little work.

Planning A Spelling Bee Fundraiser

The planning stages of this type of fundraiser are the most difficult, after that, it’s easy. Finding volunteers and teams to participate in the spelling bee and publicizing your event will likely be the only challenges that you face. There are a few sure-fire ways to get some help!

First, you want to ensure that you advertise your Spelling Bee to whatever group or population that you are striving for. Get some great prizes lined up, things that everybody wants; not cheesy prizes! Prizes that are great incentives are trips, gift cards, money, shopping sprees, and movie theater tickets.

Separate your prizes or have two each and offer a drawing for prizes for volunteers as well, that always gets names signed on the dotted line.

How It Worksgirl at spelling bee

Now we all understand the basics of a spelling bee, but a fundraiser Bee will be a bit different. In order to raise profits and draw an audience it will have to be put on in such a way that is comical and interesting.

You will have teams of three or four participants instead of individual contestants. This heats up the competition and will give everyone a good laugh, because the contestants are not singled out! When a team misses two words they are disqualified from that round! The winning team goes on and the last team standing wins the Spelling Bee.

This fundraiser is profitable at different levels; first, the teams pay an entrance fee, also donations and individual or team sponsorships, or you can sell tickets to the event. Having refreshments can bring in additional funds as well since everyone loves a snack.

You can obtain a list of Spelling Bee words from the dictionary or online at the official Spelling Bee Dictionary, so no cost there.

People love Spelling Bees and it is even better when it is benefiting a group with a good cause. With the same ‘ol fundraisers over and over the Spelling Bee is a good way to break up the monotony.