Social media and fundraising can go hand in hand with excellent results. The results when people have tried this have brought in overwhelming responses. This can be great for non-profits who are trying to raise money for their organization. Many times a social media expert will be brought in and this can be done on a very tight budget.

Having a tight budget does not affect the way that social media can be used for a non-profit organization. Here are some helpful tips.

By having a list of volunteers that will help with the social media is a great way to begin. By beginning with this there are two things that can be taken into consideration. If the volunteers are on the social media platforms it takes only a couple of minutes for them to post something up. This in turn goes out to all of their friends.

The second thing is to ask those who are performing social media tasks to please ask their friends and followers to please share with all of their friends and followers. By having just a couple of people do this word is then spread throughout their networks, which can easily consist of thousands of people. Using social media as a tool for non-profit fundraising pushes the word across the globe in record-breaking time.

Social media is also used to get the non-profits organizations name out there. By having a Facebook page, Twitter account and accounts on the leading social media platforms this makes it possible to have people find you. By making the non-profit organization visible it then allows those who want to help find you and pitch in. Many will be surprised how many people are willing to help spread the word about the non-profit organization when it is something they believe in.

Social media is a powerful tool that has no boundaries. The amount of time that a person spends on the social media platforms can be used to get the non-profit recognized the world over.

If the non-profit has different branches around the world social media can then be set up to organize fundraisers and meetings. By having this information visible it then can be read by others who may also be interested in the cause. This alone can bring in an overwhelming response for the non-profit.

Because social media is worldwide the people that can be reached is limitless. The world is now accessible unlike years ago. Non-profit organizations now have a way to reach out much further without having to spend money that can be used towards the cause.


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