This is another sports or soccer fundraiser that is great for all ages.

Ask a mini-golf course manager in your area to sponsor a tournament to help raise money for your group. If they’re willing to donate the use of the course, or at least give you a reduced price for it, they can still make money through selling concessions to your group.

Get local businesses to sponsor the event and donate prizes. Prizes can include movie tickets, gift certificates and small trophies. Give prizes to the players with the lowest score for each age group or grade.

Raffles have ridges

For extra money, create a raffle for a bigger prize (again, donated if possible). Designate an especially difficult hole (many times this is the last hole in the course) as the raffle prize hole and sell chance tickets just for this. Any player who gets a hole-in-one (and who previously purchased a chance) gets one entry ticket for the raffle.min-golf castle

Take a chance

Chances can be sold for a dollar for one attempt or seven attempts for five dollars. It’s best to have this part of you fund raiser after everyone has finished the course so it doesn’t interfere with regular play and so it will add crowd excitement.

The best times to hold this fund raiser is on weekday evenings or weekend mornings in late spring to early fall. The course owner or manager will be more receptive to the idea of donating all or part of the ticket price for your fund raiser if you schedule it for off peak periods when the course isn’t as busy.

The more the merrier

Another way for you to raise money with this sports or soccer fundraiser is to have each child secure a pledge from one or more people for fifty cents per hole (and $1 for each hole-in-one). If each child can secure just two sponsors, his or her contribution would be at least $18.00.

Sports fundraiser suppliers

Fundraising.com – offers custom t-shirts for fundraising for sports teams and other non-profit groups.

Cafe Press – get a free web store and sell a variety of custom designed apparel and other products for your fundraiser without spending a dime.


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