You’re looking for a fun and easy way to raise money for your school, sports team, or other organization. Smencils, the scented pencils, are a great product to sell for fundraising! Here’s everything you need to know about using Smencils to raise money:

What Are Smencils?

  • Smencils are regular pencils that are infused with different scents. When you write with them, the scent gets released onto the page.
  • They come in lots of fun scents like berry blast, cotton candy, orange crush, and more. There are even scented erasers!
  • Smencils are made in the USA and use high-quality materials. They write smoothly and erase cleanly.

Why Sell Smencils for Fundraising?

  • They are affordable at just $1 per pencil, so they are easy to sell.
  • Kids love Smencils! They make writing more fun. The scents are really appealing.
  • They are unique. Not many other fundraisers sell scented pencils. This makes your fundraiser stand out.
  • Smencils are offered in packs of 10 or 36, which works well for fundraising. You can sell packs instead of individual pencils.
  • You can customize the packaging with your own artwork or logo. This helps promote your organization.
  • Smencils has an excellent fundraising program to support you.
  • You earn a good profit on every pack sold. Typically you’ll earn 40-50% profit per pack.

How to Run Your Smencils Fundraiser:

  • Decide on your goal. How much money do you want to earn? This will help determine how many packs you’ll need to sell.
  • Place your order through the Smencils fundraising program. Buy in bulk to get the best pricing.
  • Determine your selling price per pack. Usually $1 per pencil, so $10 for a pack of 10.
  • Hand out order forms to your students, players, etc. Make it a competition to see who can sell the most! Offer prizes and rewards.
  • Take orders for 2-3 weeks. Collect money at time of order or upon delivery.
  • Distribute Smencils once your order arrives. Deliver packs individually or hold a fun Smencils event!
  • Pay the supplier for your order. Keep the profit for your organization!

Creative Ways to Sell Smencils:

Get creative with how you promote and sell your Smencils to boost sales! Here are some ideas:

  • Set up a Smencils booth at school events or games. Let kids sniff all the scents!
  • Hold a Smencils design contest. Give a prize for the best Smencils pack design.
  • Create Smencil bouquets to give as gifts for holidays and birthdays. Arrange packs in a vase or bundle with ribbon.
  • Pair up with local businesses. Ask if you can sell Smencils at their checkout counter.
  • Hand out free Smencils samples so kids can try them out. They’ll be sure to want more!
  • Get your principal or local celebrities to autograph Smencils packs as prizes.
  • Post on social media and send emails to promote your fundraiser. Share photos of Smencils.
  • Run contests for the top seller, class with most sales, etc. Give fun prizes like gift cards.

The Bottom Line:

Selling Smencils is a fun, simple, and profitable fundraising option for schools and organizations. Kids love the scented pencils, and the product sells itself! With a dedicated team and creative promotion, your Smencils fundraiser is sure to be a big success and raise needed funds. The sweet smell of achievement!

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How much do Smencils cost for fundraisers?

Smencils cost $1 per pencil when purchased in bulk packs for fundraising.

Where can we sell Smencils besides school?

Popular selling locations include sports games, church events, mall kiosks, door-to-door in your neighborhood, online through social media and email campaigns, etc.

Are Smencils safe for children?

Yes, Smencils use child-safe, non-toxic scents so they are safe for kids ages 3 and up. The scents also meet CPSIA testing guidelines.

Do Smencils make good gifts?

Absolutely! Smencils make fun personalized gifts for teachers, holiday gifts, birthday party favors, and more. They’re sure to put smiles on faces.

How long do Smencils last?

Smencils last as long as regular pencils. The scent lasts for at least two years and you can still use them as pencils after the scent is gone.

Does Smencils offer any other promotional products?

Yes, check out their scented pens, erasers, backpack clips and more to integrate into your fundraiser.