Looking for some cool school fundraising ideas? The list of ideas below are activities or events that are appropriate for schools. Of course, just as with the other fundraising classifications, most can be used by any non profit organizations or charities successfully.

Top pick

Online – Aside from winning the lottery or befriending some wealthy benefactors, this is one of the easiest school fundraisers since it takes so little effort to do and it’s completely FREE. Just a few mouse clicks and you’re raising money. This is something that every group should do because it can also be done in conjunction with any other fundraiser.

roll of raffle tickets

50/50 Raffle

Build excitement by sharing the wealth. The perfect fundraiser to hold at any event where there will already be a crowd of people, such as a basketball or football game, a play or a meeting. It’s one of the better high school fundraising ideas too […]


auction gavel


Everyone knows that auctions can raise a lot of money, but how about if your auction is open to the whole world, instead of just your community? […]


cupcakes for bake sale

Bake Sale

It’s the quintessential fundraiser and it’s still going strong. School fundraiser ideas like this elicit lots of help and baked donations from volunteers, so the costs are relatively low for schools […]


beef jerky

Beef Jerky

The beef jerky fundraiser is ideal for those of us not wanting take the sugar train, like the idea of easy to sell items, plus the taste and convenience of these chewy delights […]


stack of books


Spreading the reading bug – the side benefit of book sales. Fundraiser ideas for schools that provide long-term benefits for children are the best […]


silicone bracelets


Raise money by selling custom bracelets with your group’s message. This is one of those fundraising ideas for school that provides a popular, inexpensive product with high profit margins […]




Build your next fundraising event brick by brick. If your looking to give your charity or non profit lasting donor recognition, then this is one of the best school fundraisers to do that […]


people eating cake

Cake Walk

This school fundraiser is easy and allows the whole group to participate. It’s really not age specific because adults donate the cakes and will likely buy them too, so it will work at all levels, maybe even for preschool fundraising […]




Buy in bulk, print your own or…both? Good fundraiser ideas for high school that provide school spirit and lasting value like this are hard to come by […]




Makes sense, scents and more cents. There are a lot of ways to raise money for school but not that smell so good and warm your heart and soul too […]


katydids candy


How sweet it is. It’s an easy sale because it’s cheap and we all like sweets. Find out which school fundraising company gives the best value in chocolate and other sweets […]


girl holding tablet computer


Arguably one of the biggest money makers of them all, the catalog can be very lucrative, as long as you have good merchandise at reasonable prices […]


hands full of cellphones

Cell Phone Donations

Don’t let your obsolete cell phones gather dust – or worse, go to the landfill – give them to a worthy cause and get money for your worthy cause at the same time […]


chocolate chip cookies

Cookie Dough

The sweet snack that everyone loves, cookies make good middle school fundraisers in particular because many of the more mature school fundraising activities are still a few years away […]


coupon book

Coupon Books

Popular throughout North America, these discount books are easy to sell because of the tremendous discounts they provide. These make cool fundraising ideas for high school since they give students a way to save money too […]


discount cards

Discount Cards

Like coupon books and even the gift card school fundraiser, these discount cards offer lots of savings for your supporters and give them the opportunity to buy what they want and when they want […]


rottweiler puppy

Dog Walk-a-Thon

If you’re looking for some good fundraising ideas for high school, look no further than Fido and friends – and bring along your friends and family too. Fetch some exercise and raise money while you’re doing it […]


fountain pen

Fundraising Letters

Fundraising letters are one of the easiest and least expensive ways to raise money and virtually all school fundraising groups can do it successfully […]


game show host

Game Show

A friendly competition always draws a crowd and the bigger the crowd, the more money you’ll raise. Competition-based fundraising ideas for high school students that don’t involve sports are rare […]


garage sale box

Garage Sale

Garage sales, also called yard sales, are exciting to have and fun to visit. They’re always in cool demand because people love to find bargains […]


handful of nuts

Healthy Snacks

Better for your supporters than the old snack fundraiser. You can find lots of cool products in school fundraising catalogs these days, including heatlhier snacks like nuts […]



Hershey’s Chocolate

Speaking of healthy snacks (ahem!), everyone loves chocolate. Need we say more? Chocolate bars suit groups of all kinds. They […]


inkjet cartridges

InkJet and Laser Cartridge Recycling

Make money for your fundraising group and do something wonderful for your community and our planet. And it works like a treasure hunt for students […]


online fundraiser


Raising money with the click of a mouse. Some of the best school fundraising companies allow your supporters and participants to order products from the comfort of home. No need to store pallets full of products anymore […]


prisoner with bag of money

Jail and Bail

A fun event that works well for big groups or small; good for college fundraising ideas or even high school band fundraisers […]




They’re sweet. They’re cheap. They’re easy to sell and quite profitable. Your school can earn up to 100% profit by selling these sweet treats […]




The great thing about selling magazines for your fundraiser is that you can have repeat customers year after year. And with literally hundreds of periodicals to choose from, there’s something for everyone […]


popcorn and movie tickets

Movie Night

Spend the evening with hundreds of your closest friends and raise money at the same time. It may be difficult to get permission to do this because of the legal issues with showing movies, but it might work well for big groups, say, high school football fundraisers, or smaller ones such as fundraisers for school clubs […]


woman holds cellphone


Raise money from home while you sit in your pajamas. Yes, it’s that easy. School groups around the country are profiting from these free school fundraising websites […]


dancing silhouette

Party Night

A way to keep older kids out of trouble and raise some money at the same time. A match made in heaven! Fundraising for high school can be fun for everyone – except maybe the clean up crew […]


stacks of pennies

Penny Drive

Or should it be called a penny walk? Yes, it’s slow, but it might also be one of the best elementary school fundraisers because kids are so determined and love the challenge of collecting things […]


pizza chef

Pizza Sale

Who doesn’t love pizza? Teenagers in particular are big pizza fans, and that’s why pizza is one of several high school fundraisers that work so well […]


poinsettia pot


A seasonal sale with lots of profit potential, the Christmas poinsettia fundraiser is a lovely choice for fundraising at school because of the holiday spirit these beautiful flowers bring […]


Little boy enjoying popcorn


Popcorn has a high profit margin, plus it’s a popular and well-liked snack, making it an easy sell to a wide range of people […]


portrait of fingers


A picture is worth more than a thousand words with a portrait fundraiser. These make good fundraisers for high school students because portraits (and memories) are something they can feel good about selling […]


little girl reading


Raising money and intelligence at the same time. If you are seeking ideas for school fundraisers that foster good habits, and of course, raise money too, look no further […]


yellow rubber ducks

Rubber Duck Race

Fun for one and all, the duck race fundraiser is especially well suited to large groups. Duck races even make good fundraising ideas for high school clubs if the clubs can garner enough interest and participation from the rest of the school […]


treasure map

Scavenger Hunt

Another fun event for everyone. Learn how to raise money for school and have a lot of fun at the same time. This is definitely geared toward oder students, and particularly those who can drive […]



Scratch Cards

One of several brilliant fundraising ideas that is one of the easiest and most profitable too. This may not work for all age groups, but you can definitely add it to your list of cool middle school fundraising ideas and easy fundraisers for high school […]


gift cards

Scrip Fundraising

Scrip is a certificate or a card, which can be used instead of cash or given as a gift. These are good as high school fundraiser ideas too […]


stationery with quil pen

Stationery and Greeting Cards

Selling stationery and greeting cards for your school is an excellent way raise school spirit and raise money at the same time. This might dovetail nicely with Valentine’s day school fundraisers […]




A t-shirt with your group’s logo or slogan is a cool way to raise funds, not to mention add visibility, for your cause. See which school fundraiser companies offer good deals on these t-shirts […]


google on cellphone

Websites for Fundraising

Imagine a fundraiser that never ends. One that brings in money day after day, week after week, twenty four hours a day, without having to leave your home and without the problems that come with traditional fundraisers […]