Genius School Fundraising Ideas for High Profit

Schools always need extra funding for valuable programs, resources, events, and materials to enrich the learning experience for students. Fundraisers are a great way for schools to get creative, have fun, and raise money for important initiatives. When students, staff, parents and the local community come together for a common cause, fundraisers can also strengthen school spirit and relationships. Here are some tips for planning successful fundraisers at your school:

  • Set Clear Goals – Determine exactly what the funds raised will be allocated for and set a realistic monetary goal before planning the fundraiser.
  • Get Input & Buy-In – Ask students, staff, and parents for fundraiser ideas to build engagement. Establish a planning committee.
  • Promote Creatively – Leverage platforms like social media, email, posters, announcements, and personal outreach. Have students help spread the word.
  • Offer Fun Incentives – Create some friendly competition between grades. Offer small rewards to top fundraisers to encourage participation.
  • Start Planning Early – Fundraisers require advance planning and promotion. Choose a good date and avoid conflicting events.
  • Keep it Simple – Choose fundraisers that are easy to execute like bake sales, community car washes, talent shows or selling branded gear.
  • Collaborate Community-wide – Partner with local businesses, groups and individuals for sponsorship opportunities to raise more funds.
  • Add Enjoyment – Incorporate games, activities, music, food and more to create a fun and festive fundraising environment.
  • Track Finances Closely – Have a transparent system for managing funds and expenses that builds trust.

Now let’s explore some specific fundraiser ideas that work well for schools:

Top pick

Online – Aside from winning the lottery or befriending some wealthy benefactors, this is one of the easiest ways to get money for your school since it takes so little effort to do and it’s completely FREE. Just a few mouse clicks and you’re raising money. This is something that every group should do because it can also be done in conjunction with any other fundraiser.

Sniff Out Serious Cash With a Smencils Fundraiser

Selling Smencils is a fun, simple, and profitable fundraising option for schools and organizations. Kids love the scented pencils, and the product sells itself  […]


roll of raffle tickets

50/50: A Different Kind of Raffle Fundraiser

Build excitement by sharing the wealth. The perfect fundraising school event to have where there will already be a crowd of people, such as a basketball or football game, a play or a meeting. It’s one of the better high school fundraising ideas too […]


little girl holds artwork

Creative Canvas for a Cause – The Art Show Fundraiser

Art exhibitions allow students to display their artistic creations while fundraising for their school at the same time. Transform a school gymnasium or a local gallery into a vibrant art space, showcasing paintings, sculptures, and other forms of visual art. Invite families, friends, and art enthusiasts to appreciate the talent and creativity of young artists. Auctioning off the artwork or charging entrance fees can help raise funds and support the school’s arts program […]


auction gavel

Amplify Your Fundraiser with an Auction Spectacular

Everyone knows that auctions can raise a lot of money, but how about if your auction fundraising campaign is open to the whole world, instead of just your community? That would be quite a school fundraiser […]


cupcakes for bake sale

Piece o’ Cake: Whip Up Excitement & Earnings with a Bake Sale Fundraiser

If you’re looking for easy school fundraising ideas, bake sales have long been a staple for raising money. Students, parents, and volunteers come together to bake an array of delicious treats, including cookies, cakes, and muffins. By organizing a bake sale, raise money for your school and tap into the community’s love for homemade goodies and raise funds simultaneously. It’s kind of like a school picnic for sweets – without the ants. […]


beef jerky

Unlock Smoky, Savory Success With a Jerky Fundraiser

The beef jerky fundraiser is a great way to reach your fundraising goals and is ideal for those of us not wanting to hop on the sugar train, like the idea of easy to sell items, plus the taste and convenience of these chewy delights. […]


stack of books

Embark on a Reading Renaissance and Raise Funds Too

Spreading the reading bug – the side benefit of book sales. Fundraising efforts for schools that provide long-term benefits for children are the best way to raise money […]


silicone bracelets

The Power of Bracelets: Raise Money With Style

Raise money by selling custom bracelets with your group’s message. This is one of those great fundraising ideas for school that provides a popular, inexpensive product with high profit margins, so it’s a great way to raise money for the school to offer these bracelets […]



Brick Fundraisers: A Rock-Solid Way to Erect Donations

Build your next fundraising event brick by brick. If your looking to give your charity or non profit lasting donor recognition, then this is a unique school fundraiser to do that […]


people eating cake

Have Your Cake and Raise Money Too with a Cake Walk Event

This school fundraiser is easy and allows the whole group to participate. This type of fundraiser is really not age specific because adults donate the cakes and will likely buy them too, so it will work at all levels, maybe even for preschool fundraising […]



Smile Your Way to Donations with a Fun Calendar Fundraiser

Buy in bulk, print your own or…both? Good fundraiser ideas for high school that provide school spirit and lasting value like this are hard to come by […]



Light the Way to Donations with a Candle Fundraiser

Makes sense, scents and more cents. There are a lot of ways to raise money for school but not that smell so good and warm your heart and soul too […]


katydids candy

Chocolate Friends With Benefits: Indulge Your Sweet Cravings & Unwrap the Profits

How sweet it is. Contributing to your school was never so yummy. It’s an easy sale because it’s cheap and we all like sweets and it’s a tasty way to meet your fundraising goal. Find out which school fundraising company gives the best value in chocolate and other sweets […]


wash bucket

Scrub-a-Dub Fundraising: Host a Car Wash for Your Cause

Car washes are a fun school fundraising idea that never fails to attract attention. Students, parents, and volunteers can set up a car wash station and offer their services to the community. Charging a reasonable fee for each car washed can help generate substantial funds for school projects […]


girl holding tablet computer

Catalog Fundraiser: Turn Pages into Profit

Arguably one of the best fundraising ideas for schools, the catalog can be very lucrative, as long as you have good merchandise at reasonable prices […]


hands full of cellphones

Turn Your Trash into Charitable Stash by Recycling Phones

Promote environmental consciousness with your school’s fundraising by organizing recycling drives. Encourage students and their families to collect recyclable materials such as cell phones, paper, plastic, and aluminum cans. Partner with local recycling centers or waste management companies to exchange the collected materials for funds. This initiative not only raises funds but also instills the values of sustainability and responsible waste management […]


chocolate chip cookies

Follow the Dough: Cookie Fundraising for a Great Cause

The sweet snack that everyone loves, cookies make good middle school fundraisers in particular because many of the more mature school fundraising activities are still a few years away […]


coupon book

Savings are the Hook with a Coupon Book

Popular throughout North America, these discount books are easy to sell because of the tremendous discounts they provide and are often combined with other events as part of a larger fundraising strategy. These make cool fundraising ideas for high school since they give students a way to save money at their favorite local restaurant and on products too […]


rottweiler puppy

Pawsitive Impact: Dog Walk-a-Thon Fundraiser Strategies

If you’re looking for great way to raise money for high school, look no further than Fido and friends – and bring along your friends and family too. Fetch some exercise and raise money while you’re doing it […]


fountain pen

Pen Profitable Partnerships with Donor Letters

Fundraising letters are one of the easiest and least expensive ways to raise money and virtually all school fundraising groups can do it successfully […]


girl ready to run

Run for Fun and Funds With a Charity Fun Run

Organizing a fun run or walkathon is a fantastic way to promote physical fitness while fundraising for your school. Participants can gather sponsors who pledge a certain amount of money for every lap or mile completed. This event encourages students and their families to stay active while making a positive impact on their school community […]


game show host

Play for Purpose With a Charity Game Show Fundraiser

A friendly competition always draws a crowd and the bigger the crowd, the more money you’ll raise. Competition-based fundraising ideas for high school students that don’t involve sports are rare […]


garage sale box

Turn Trash into Treasure with a Garage Sale Fundraiser

Garage sales, also called yard sales, are exciting to have and fun to visit. They’re always in cool demand because people love to find bargains […]


handful of nuts

Nibbles that Nourish Let Your Fundraising Flourish

Better for your supporters than the old snack fundraiser. You can find lots of cool products in school fundraising catalogs these days, including healthier snacks like nuts […]


inkjet cartridges

Fundraise for the Future by Recycling the Past

Make money for your fundraising group and do something wonderful for your community and our planet. And it works like a treasure hunt for students […]


online fundraiser

Unlock the Power of the Internet for Charity Fundraisers

Raising money with the click of a mouse for your next school event. The online fundraiser allows your supporters and participants to order products from the comfort of home. No need to store pallets full of products anymore […]


prisoner with bag of money

Make Crime Pay With a Jail and Bail Fundraiser

A fun and easy fundraising event that works well for big groups or small; good for college fundraising ideas or even high school band fundraisers […]



The Ultimate Sucker for Donations: Lollipop Fundraising

They’re sweet. They’re cheap. They’re easy to sell around the school and quite profitable. Your school can earn up to 100% profit by selling these sweet treats […]


popcorn and movie tickets

Lights, Camera, Donations! Organizing a Movie Night Fundraiser

Spend the evening with hundreds of your closest friends and raise money at the same time. It may be difficult to get permission to do this because of the legal issues with showing movies, but it might work well for big groups, say, high school football fundraisers, or smaller ones such as fundraisers for school clubs […]


dancing silhouette

Get the Party Started to Support Your School

A way to keep older kids out of trouble and raise some money at the same time – host a school party night or a school dance. It’s a match made in heaven!  It can be fun for everyone – except maybe the school gym clean up crew […]


stacks of pennies

Count Your Pennies and Fundraise for the Win

The Penny drive. Or should it be called a penny walk? Yes, it’s slow, but it might also be one of the best for elementary school fundraising because kids are so determined and love the challenge of collecting things. Start it when the new school year starts and watch it grow. […]


pizza chef

Pizza Fundraising: The Secret Ingredient is Generosity

Who doesn’t love pizza? Teenagers in particular are big pizza fans, and that’s why pizza is one of several high school fundraisers that work so well to raise funds for your school […]


poinsettia pot

Flower Power: Raise Funds with Festive Poinsettias

A seasonal sale with lots of profit potential, the Christmas poinsettia fundraiser is a lovely choice for fundraising at school because of the holiday spirit these beautiful flowers bring […]


Little boy enjoying popcorn

Popcorn Popping for the Win, Raising Money Again and Again

Popcorn has a high profit margin, plus it’s a popular and well-liked snack, making it an easy sell to a wide range of people and an easy way for a school to raise money […]


portrait of fingers

Photographic Faces Further Fruitful Fundraising

A picture is worth more than a thousand words with a portrait fundraiser. These make good fundraisers for high school students because portraits (and memories) are something they can feel good about selling […]


little girl reading

Readers Become Leaders Through Read-a-thons

A brilliant school fundraising event that raises money and intelligence at the same time. If you are seeking ideas for school fundraisers that foster good habits, and of course, raise money too, look no further […]


yellow rubber ducks

Quack Quack, Ka-Ching! Duck Race Fundraising

Fun for one and all, the rubber duck race fundraiser is especially well suited to large groups. Duck races are a fun fundraising tool for high school clubs if the clubs can garner enough interest and participation from the rest of the school […]


treasure map

Follow Fun Clues for Fabulous Fundraising With a Scavenger Hunt

Another fun event for everyone. Learn how to raise money for school and have a lot of fun at the same time. This is definitely geared toward older students, and particularly those who can drive […]



Win Big for Charity with Scratch-Off Fundraising

One of several brilliant fundraising ideas that is one of the easiest and most profitable too. This may not work for all age groups, but you can definitely add it to your list of effective fundraising ideas and easy fundraisers for high school […]



woman shh

Quietly Outraise Expectations: Silent Auction Fundraiser

Silent auctions are an excellent fundraising method to involve the school community and allow your school to raise a lot of money. Local businesses, parents, and community members can donate items or services for auction. From artwork and gift certificates to unique experiences, the possibilities are endless. Participants bid on items, and the highest bidder at the end of the auction takes home the prize. Silent auctions not only raise more money but also foster a spirit of giving within the community. […]


stationery with quil pen

Celebrate All Occasions and Support Your Cause

Selling stationery and greeting cards for your school is an excellent way raise school spirit and raise money at the same time. This might dovetail nicely with Valentine’s day school fundraisers […]


child magician

Sing, Dance, Prance For a Charitable Chance

Talent shows provide a platform for students to showcase their abilities and entertain a live audience. Charge admission fees for the talent show, and encourage friends, families, and community members to attend. The school supplies the venue and the students (and staff!) provide the talent. When it comes to fundraising, talent shows not only raise funds but also nurture artistic talents within the student body […]



Dress With Finesse in Tees That Impress for Your Nonprofit Success

A t-shirt with your group’s logo or slogan is a cool way to raise funds, not to mention add visibility, for your cause. See which school fundraiser companies offer good deals on these t-shirts […]


google on cellphone

Websites for Fundraising

Imagine a fundraiser that never ends. One that brings in money day after day, week after week, twenty four hours a day, without having to leave your home and without the problems that come with traditional fundraisers […]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I choose the right fundraising idea for my school?

Choosing the right fundraising idea depends on various factors such as your school’s resources, community preferences, and the interests of your students. Consider conducting surveys or organizing brainstorming sessions involving students, parents, and teachers to gather input and identify the most suitable fundraising idea.

How can I ensure the success of a fundraising event?

To ensure the success of a school fundraising event, thorough planning and organization are key. Start by setting clear goals, creating a budget, and establishing a timeline. Engage volunteers and assign specific tasks to ensure smooth execution. Promote the event through various channels, including social media, newsletters, and local publications. Lastly, express gratitude to all participants and donors to foster long-term support.

Are online fundraising platforms effective for schools?

Yes, online fundraising platforms can be highly effective for schools. They offer convenience and allow for wider reach, enabling people from different locations to contribute to the cause. Online platforms often provide tools for donation tracking, social sharing, and customizable fundraising pages, making it easier to engage donors and track progress.

How can we involve students in the fundraising process?

Involving students in the fundraising process is crucial for fostering their sense of ownership and community engagement. Encourage students to take part in planning committees, marketing initiatives, and volunteer roles during fundraising events. Additionally, consider incorporating fundraising education into the curriculum, teaching students about the importance of giving back and the impact of their efforts.

Can fundraising initiatives also promote educational goals?

Absolutely! Fundraising initiatives can align with educational goals and provide valuable learning opportunities for students. For example, organizing a science fair where students showcase experiments while raising funds can integrate scientific inquiry with community engagement. By combining fundraising efforts with educational objectives, schools can create a holistic learning experience for students.

How should schools allocate the funds raised through fundraising?

The allocation of funds depends on the specific needs and priorities of the school. Consider involving various stakeholders, such as parents, teachers, and students, in determining the best use of funds. It is essential to establish transparency and accountability in the allocation process, ensuring that the funds directly benefit the school community.

How can I organize a successful school fundraising event?

To organize a successful school fundraising event, you can start by setting clear goals, creating a detailed plan, and promoting the event to the school community.

What is peer-to-peer fundraising?

Peer-to-peer fundraising is a fundraising strategy where individuals raise money on behalf of a cause by reaching out to their network of friends, family, and acquaintances.

How can I start a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign for my school?

To start a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign for your school, you can create an online donation platform where supporters can easily make contributions and encourage students or parents to reach out to their network for donations.

What are some unique school fundraising ideas?

Some unique school fundraising ideas include organizing a fun school event like a pajama day, hosting a talent show, or partnering with a dedicated product fundraising company.

How can fundraising benefit a school?

Fundraising is a great way for schools to raise money for various needs such as funding extracurricular activities, purchasing new equipment, or supporting educational programs.

How can elementary school students participate in fundraising?

Elementary school students can participate in fundraising by organizing simple activities like a bake sale or a coin drive, or by getting involved in school-wide fundraising events with the guidance of teachers and parents.

Can middle school students come up with their own fundraising ideas?

Yes, middle school students can come up with their own fundraising ideas by brainstorming with their classmates, discussing their interests, and seeking guidance from teachers or school administrators.

What are some easy fundraising ideas for schools?

Some easy fundraising ideas for schools include selling branded merchandise, hosting a movie night or game tournament, or organizing a community yard sale.

How can a school get the community involved in fundraising?

A school can get the community involved in fundraising by reaching out to local businesses for sponsorship, organizing fundraising events that are open to the public, and actively promoting the cause through various channels.


Fundraising is not merely a means to collect funds but also an opportunity to engage, inspire, and make a lasting impact within the school community. By implementing popular school fundraising ideas, schools can generate funds while fostering a sense of togetherness, creativity, and community involvement. Remember, the most successful fundraising initiatives are those that resonate with the interests and values of the school community, leading to a brighter future for all.