A movie fundraiser is one of those “win-win” fundraising ideas because everyone likes going to the movies.

Rather than selling overpriced products to your friends, relatives and neighbors for very little profit, you can give them real value (if you’ve ever paid $14 for a small tin of popcorn, you know what we mean).

Movie night fundraiser how to

Go to a local movie theater and ask to speak with a manager about donating a movie showing to your non-profit group. Make an agreement with the theater that you can sell the tickets and keep the profits (less the cost of printing the tickets) and the theater keeps all the money from sales at the concession stand.

This movie theater fundraiser is a win-win for all involved. Your group gets the money from the ticket sales, the theater gets all the money from the concessions sold and your movie watchers get to see a show they might movie popcornhave wanted to see anyway, without being gouged.

Best fundraising movie night times

The best times for your movie ticket fundraiser are Saturday or Sunday afternoon since that is when kids will be out of school, and the theater will be more willing to donate a showing when the theater is not as busy.

You’ll want to choose a movie that has wide appeal and has a PG or safer rating to get the best attendance. The more people you have, the more money your fundraiser (and the theater) will earn and so you want to fill the theater if possible.

Divide the number of seats in the theater by the number of people in your organization and this will determine the number of tickets each person should sell.

If each group member sells 10 tickets and you have only 20 people in your school or group, that’s 200 sold. Given a typical ticket price of $8.00, your school or charity will earn $1600 for the night.

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