For some non profit groups, magazine fundraising is a perennial favorite. A magazine fundraiser allows for recurring revenue. Some schools, churches, booster clubs, charities and other non-profit organizations sell them every year with consistent results.

A magazine fundraiser for schools

One reason the school magazine fundraiser works so well for raising money is that most households already subscribe to at least two. Since they will have to renew their favorite subscriptions eventually anyway, they might as well renew it from someone who is promoting a worthy cause—like yours.

The magazine school fundraiser also works because of the tremendous variety of magazines that are available. Most people will be able to find at least one periodical that interests them and fundraising magazine subscriptions are usually a lot cheaper than the newsstand price.

popular magazines

So it’s an easy sale. No pledges, sponsorships or donation soliciting (begging) required.

The magazine subscription fundraiser…so many choices

There are magazines for nearly every topic under the sun. In fact, some companies provide subscriptions to over 650 different titles that your customers can choose from including news, sports, science, fashion, lifestyles, hobbies, home improvements, and many more. There is truly something for everyone. There are even a number of magazines for kids. What a great way to spark a child’s interest in reading.

The mag fundraiser is also easy to run. There’s no product for your school or charity to buy, so your volunteers just show the mag fundraising brochure to family, friends and neighbors, and then fill out a form. That’s it. You don’t even have to deliver the magazines when they arrive since the post office takes care of that. It’s simple. No inventory and no product delivery.

Now it’s even easier since the whole process can be done online.

Why I like magazine fundraisers for schools

What’s even better is that these same customers will likely order from your magazine fundraisers again each year when they renew their subscriptions. Magazine subscriptions also make great gifts.

You’re not limited by geographical area either. Your fundraiser volunteers can expand their customer base to include all their friends and relatives across the country.

Magazine fundraising companies

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What others say…

Magazines are Fantastic

I worked at middle school and we used a Magazine Fundraiser to raise money for the school. We were raising funds for the field day in the spring, so that we could offer exciting prizes and great food for the kids. We got a great response and it seemed as if the kids had an easy time selling them.

They were discounted rates, and almost everyone either has some kind of subscription they can renew, or are interested in getting a new one for a good cause.

For the children that had less support from home, we had contacted medical offices and professional arenas with waiting rooms. This allowed all the kids to get involved the earn prizes – as well as support the field day!

Sharp Students Raise Over $5000 with Magazine Fundraiser

What we did to make our magazine fundraiser successful was the prizes we offered the students. They all worked extra hard for the prizes, and we ended up making over $5000.

We gave out 4 Wii’s for $500 sales and 3 iPod touches for students who sold over $800 worth of magazine subscriptions.

They would go online and set up a “store” and send e-mails to everyone they knew who had a magazine subscription. How these kids managed to do this I do not know, their parents probably helped them somehow, but that is good that they want to be involved with the school’s fundraiser.

Big Win with Our Mag Fundraiser

My son was in the 6th grade and was raising money for the 6th grade for field trip. Magazines are very hard to sell these days because the schools right off the bat say don’t go door to door. But what else are you to do when every kid in the school has the same fundraiser to do too?

We found out that there were a lot of laundromats near us because our washer had gone out. We also noticed that there were a lot of people sitting around with nothing to do but wait. So, we decided to go around to all the laundromats in our area – it would take about an hour every night.

The top prize for the most sold was a Game Cube with two games and four remotes. My son had sold the most and won the Game Cube.

We found out later that the boy that had come in second his parents had done most of the buying just so he could win first place.

I feel proud of my son because he did all the work by himself and I just took him from one place to the next. He did all the selling and the talking to get what he wanted most.

My son ended up raising $1200.00 for his 6th grade class which was more than they need for class trips for that year. They ended up with a big party at the end of the year for all the hard work they did.

Austin, TX