Finding the Right High School Fundraising Idea

Every high school has a plan for the future, unfortunately most don’t have the funds or donations to make their plan come true, however with a good high school fundraising idea you can transform your high school into a modern and advanced center of excellence.

There are literally hundreds of ways to make money for your high school, from candle and candy distribution to cook book selling and brick fund raising. No matter which fund-raisers you hold we’re sure we can help you by either giving you new ideas, or tips and tricks to make the most from your education philanthropy.

There are some tips and hints that will work for any fundraising ideas for high school. First off, most high schools are listed as charities. While this reduces the taxes you pay, it does mean you have to be careful when it comes to education philanthropy and fundraising.

One of the keys to any good fund raising idea or event is relevance, whether it is for a high school, college, university or a football team. If you are selling Canadian mugs in the Deep South , you are unlikely to sell many if any at all, if on the other hand you’re selling a cook book full of recipes suggested by local residents that are firm favorites, then you’re sure to be on to a winner. The way a lot of fund raisers are sold is by using students as door to door salesmen, while this is no doubt effective, there are alternate methods.

Some that are particularly valuable for high school or college students are fundraising bracelets, cell phone recycling and raising money with websites. These are all appropriate for the age group and the brain power of older students.



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