These days, we all want to make healthier choices. That can be true for fundraising too. From schools to churches to athletic associations, the demand for healthier products is growing.

Here are some top fundraising products that put a more nutritious twist on some fundraiser favorites:

Cookie Dough

Everyone loves cookies. It's true.

Everyone loves cookies. It’s true.

Not all cookies make it on lists of healthy snacks, but there are some cookies like oatmeal raisin that offer the natural fiber of oatmeal combined with plump, tasty raisins. Luckily, oatmeal raisin is one of the most popular cookies too. Go here for Gourmet Cookie Dough.

Jack Link’s Beef Snacks

Jack Link’s beef snacks and jerky are high in taste, but also high in protein so they’re a healthier snacking choice. And they’re healthier for your bottom line too as these chewy fundraising superstars are also high in profits.

The chewy part of an odd breakfast.

The chewy part of a manly breakfast.

Ideal for school and sports fundraisers, just about any non-profit can see the value in this low cost, high profit, tasty snack that’s packed full of protein. Your supporters will like them for their convenience too since individually packaged beef sticks and jerky are handy for taking along anywhere.


ASAP fundraising popcorn is popped in pure sunflower oil and is available in a variety
of tasty flavors. It even comes in fun, themed bags with colorful graphics that pop into shape in the microwave. Kids will love the bags shaped like soccer balls, basketballs, football helmets and kettles, among others.

Nutritious and delicious microwave popcorn is a family favorite and a quick and easy snack for movie nights at home. Your supporters will love this healthier choice, and you’ll love the profits too.

Non-Food Fundraisers

Another way to make healthier choices is to choose non-food items for fundraising. Two of our favorites are the quick and easy Scratchcard program  and the Online Magazine Fundraiser.

A fun way to raise money

A fun way to raise money

magazine fundraiser screenshot

Raise money from home. How cool is that?

With the Online Magazine Fundraisers, you and your group simply send email invites to friends and family inviting them to shop at
your online magazine store. They save on their favorite new or renewal subscriptions, plus other products , and your group gets a profit check in the mail each month. Every fundraising group should do this program anyway since it’s FREE and takes so little time to do. This is not your father’s magazine fundraiser. It’s all done online and almost completely automated.

Recommended Healthier Fundraiser Suppliers

Fundraising.com  – Providing you with irresistible fundraising products from Crazy about Cookies, Jack Link’s, Kathryn Beich, and a variety of non-food fundraisers including Scratchcards and the Online Magazine Fundraiser. Free information kit , free prize program and free shipping! Call toll free 1-866-216-2080 .



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