Always popular, always profitable, fundraising with citrus is a tried and true way to make money for your organization. The “order taker” method is low-risk and fresh fruit in the fall is always a good seller.


Fruit fundraising has been around for a while, and subsequently, the providers have the process down pat. Most groups sell by the truck load – approximately 2000 2/5 bushel boxes – and unloading the truck is an event in itself.

Good providers know this and color code the boxes to make them easily identifiable. Some offer loading diagrams of the truck to show where the individual orders are.

Over the years many programs have expanded from citrus only to include apples and virtually every company offers mixed fruit combinations.

Fruit is a commodity, so the selling price changes from year to year, but as a rule of thumb expect to make $4 to $7 per box. This allows to you stay competitive with grocery store pricing but still turn a nice profit.

When planning a fruit fundraiser keep in mind that you are dealing with a seasonal, perishable item. It’s only possible to stage your event certain times of the year and quick turnaround to your customer is vital.

Unloading the truck and then delivering to your customer takes concentrated effort and your people need to be committed to making this happen.

Many organizations who do fruit fundraisers do them year after year with repeated success. It’s fun, it’s profitable, and it usually goes off without a hitch. There’s a “feel good” factor too. Fresh citrus scents are known to boost moods!