The best fundraising ideas are the ones that not only suit your organization’s goals and needs, but also those of your supporters, volunteers and participants.

50/50 Raffle
Build excitement by sharing the wealth. The perfect fundraiser to hold at any event where there will already be a crowd of people, such as a sporting event, a play or a meeting.[…]

Affinity Programs
Make more money with these fundraiser ideas through the power of residual income. No inventory, delivery or money collection.[…]

Art Show
Using the talent in your community to raise money for your favorite cause. This may not go on anyone’s list for quick fundraising ideas, but it may make it for one of the more interesting fundraiser event ideas.[…]

Picnic baskets, gift baskets, etc. Virtually anything can be auctioned. One only needs to look at the enormous success of eBay to see the amazing variety of products sold with auctions. Lots of money making ideas here.[…]

Bake Sales
A bake sale is one of those school fundraising ideas that nearly everyone is familiar with. Schools and PTA’s utilize parents and teachers and other volunteers to bake cookies, pies, cakes and other desserts and setup booths and tables to sell the goodies, often one piece at a time.[…]

Barbecue Fundraiser
This can be a large event with lots of volunteers needed, but the rewards are numerous.[…]

Basketball Tournament Fundraiser
A three-on-three basketball tournament is a great way to raise money. A sponsoring organization provides a double elimination tournament for basketball enthusiasts. If you like cool sports fundraising ideas, this is a good one.[…]

Bingo is the game-o.[…]

Spreading the reading bug – the side benefit of book sales. This is one of the many ideas for school fundraisers that stands the test of time.[…]

Bottled water
Put this on your list of healthy non profit fundraising ideas, especially if you’re not into sweets.[…]

Bracelet fundraising
They’re cool, fashionable, and easy to sell. Raise money by selling custom bracelets with your groups message. This is one of the easy fundraising ideas.[…]

Fundraising bricks build a great fundraiser.
The fundraiser that lasts a lifetime. If you’re wanting to know how to raise money fast, this probably isn’t it. But it will still be on your list of good fundraising ideas.[…]

Cake Walk
This school fundraiser is easy and allows the whole group to participate.[…]

When you need to raise funds quickly and effectively with minimum cost and fuss.[…]

Candle fundraising
Scents make sense and more cents.[…]

How sweet it is. You can run candy fundraisers with few volunteers, so it is ideal for small or large fundraising groups. If you’re looking for popular ideas to make money, this is it. It’s also one of several easy ways for kids to make money (with your help, of course)[…]

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Car Donation
Not as easy as some, but still a win-win.[…]

Car Wash
This is one of those quick and dirty (no pun intended) youth group fundraising event ideas which is especially suitable for older kids. They will get wet and tired, but they’ll probably enjoy doing it.[…]

Charity fundraising ideas abound, but this is arguably one of the biggest money makers of them all. The fundraiser catalog can be very lucrative, as long as you have good selection of quality merchandise at reasonable prices.[…]

Cell Phone Donations
If you’re looking for free fundraising ideas, look no further. Don’t let your obsolete cell phones gather dust – or worse, go to the landfill – give them to a worthy cause and get money for your worthy cause at the same time.[…]

A cheesecake fundraiser could be perfect for your fall or winter fundraising event.[…]

Christmas fundraisers
If you want to sell merchandise, there are any number of Christmas-themed items available to support winter fundraisers.[…]

Christmas wreaths
The wreaths can be decorated by members and supporters of your organization and then sold to raise money.[…]

Citrus fundraising
Many organizations who do fruit fundraisers do them year after year with repeated success.[…]

Coffee fundraiser
Lots of people like coffee fundraising ideas because they give supporters the opportunity to help your organization by buying a popular product they use every single day.[…]