To have a fundraising website that actually makes money, you have to start with the right tools. There are thousands of web hosting companies that can provide a nice home for your website. Some are even very reasonably priced (1&1 for example).

But before you make the leap, let me make a recommendation.

If your website will only be seen by the members of your group and you aren’t interested in getting traffic from the rest of the world, then go with cheap and reliable. They will host your site; give you plenty of disk space; provide statistics, forms and all the bells and whistles that you’ll ever need starting at only $3.95 per month. That’s a pretty good deal.

Some of them even give you online site building if you don’t have the experience or don’t know anyone who could create your site for you.

If you’re like me, however, and want to reach a global audience and attract visitors from around the world, then go with SiteBuildIt (a.k.a. SBI). It’s the only company that provides hosting, site building, site marketing and a lot more in one package. There are a couple of companies (including Microsoft’s bCentral) that offer some similar features, but SiteBuildIt blows them away. Click here to see a comparison.

One reason it’s so powerful is because SiteBuildIt also gives you lots of free education as part of the package. In fact several universities in the US and Canada teach SBI, including the University of Arizona.

Click on the play button below for a two minute preview:

It’s important to note that you could get all of the tools and functionality that SiteBuildIt offers from other sources. You could spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours assembling a suite of services that comes close to what they’ve put together in SiteBuildIt, but why?

To get a peak at how SBI works, take a look at this and you’ll see why I like it so much.

Whichever way you choose to go, a well-done website has the potential to give your fundraising group a steady flow of money that isn’t dependent upon large groups of volunteers or work. And, unlike most fundraisers, it can raise money for you all hours of the day – even while you’re sleeping.

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