Lots more fundraising ideas below to get your organization or charity the funds it needs. Check out these money making ideas.

Raise money and community pride with fundraising cookbooks. It’s probably one of the slower ideas for fundraising because of the work involved, but it still works […]

Cookie Dough
A cookie dough fund raiser is one of the fastest growing and most popular ways to raise money for groups of all kinds […]

Coupon Books
The best college fundraising ideas target college students. Coupon books are perfect for that. Popular throughout North America, these discount books are easy fundraisers because of the tremendous discounts they provide to supporters […]

Cow Pie Bingo
Kind of gross, but it’s all for a good cause. Looking for fun fundraising ideas for teens? This will fit the bill because of its entertainment value alone […]

Custom t-shirts and other items
Sell a variety of products adorned with your logo through your own FREE website. Often used for high school fundraising ideas because older students like to show their school pride […]

Have a large scale fundraising dinner to raise lots of money. Often used as a sports or school fundraiser […]

Dining for Dollars
Another way to raise money with dining and commonly used for church fundraisers. Good fundraising ideas are often tied to eating […]

Direct mail
Raise money the old-fashioned way; ask for donations through direct mail fundraising […]

Discount cards
If you like easy fundraising ideas, this one’s for you. Like coupon books, they offer lots of savings for your supporters […]

Dog Santa Claws
Ever wonder how to raise money with your pooch? We thought so. With unique fundraising ideas like this you can. Learn how to create and sell photos with Santa Claws […]

Dog Wash
Fundraising has gone to the dogs once again […]

First Aid Kits
The profit margins are reasonable and you can feel good about helping build a safer community […]

Flea Markets
The next step up from the garage sale is the flea market fundraiser. Rather than having one vendor (you or your group), a flea market fund raising event can have as many vendors as your space allows […]

Flower Bulbs
Brightens up gardens and hearts alike. Buy them in bulk or sell them in smaller bunches through your own fundraiser website […]

Fundraising Products
Is the thought of selling your junk distasteful? Do traditional fundraising ideas seem like too much work? […]

Fun Run
Get in shape and raise money at the same time. With cool fundraiser ideas such as this one you can add to your bottom line without adding to your bottom […]

Game Show
A friendly competition always draws a crowd and fundraising event ideas with games are always entertaining […]

Garage Sales
Garage sales, also called yard sales, are exciting to have and fun to visit. They’re always in great demand because people love to find bargains. And now, with the popularity of the Internet, lots of folks can even make a full time income from scouring garage sales, so they can resell the gems they find on online auctions such as eBay. […]

Gift Wrap Fundraising
The product, premium wrapping paper, has a nice, warm association with holiday gift giving that brings a smile to everyone’s face. Good for lots of different non profit fudraisers […]

Golf Fundraiser Shoot-Out
Sink a hole-in-one and win a million dollars! One of the best fundraising ideas for earning a ton of money for your non profit group or charity […]

Golf Tournament
This is one of those sports fundraising ideas that has the potential of bringing in a lot of money if done properly […]

Guessing Jars
This might be one of the simplest ideas to make money. Guess how much money you can raise with this? […]

Healthier Fundraising Snacks
Better for your supporters than the average snack fundraiser. If candy isn’t your thing, perhaps these healthier school fundraising ideas are for you […]

Hoop-a-thon Basketball Tournament
A flexible competition that’s fun and challenging […]

Ink Jet Recycling
Make money for your fundraising group and do something wonderful for your community and our planet. If you’re looking for ideas on how to raise money fast, this probably isn’t it, but it might make your list for one of the best fundraisers, because it raises money all year long […]

Internet Fundraising
Raise money online with the click of a mouse. Easy fundraisers don’t get any easier than this online fundraiser […]