Here are some more fundraising ideas for your viewing pleasure, from sports fundraising ideas to church fundraisers, you’ll find the perfect fundraiser to raise lots of money for your non-profit group.

Jail and Bail
College fundraising ideas sometimes require a little more creativity to capture students’ attention. Fun fundraising ideas like this one do just that. Go to jail and raise money at the same time […]

Kid Safety ID’s
Raise funds for your organization and create a permanent ID record for a child in the event of emergency […]

Karaoke Fundraiser
Your participants and supporters don’t even have to sing in order to raise money with this cool idea […]

Krispy Kreme Fundraiser
A fundraising tradition of more than 50 years […]

Lollipop Fundraiser
Sweet, cheap, easy, and profitable. Raise money fast and earn up to 100% for your group by selling lollipops. Suckers or lollipops? Call them what you will, but they are great as cheap fundraising ideas […]

Go here to learn how to raise money online. The great thing about selling magazines for your fundraiser is that you can have repeat customers year after year. Raising money online just got easier. Put this on your list of easy fundraisers […]

A meat fundraiser appeals to a premium clientele and sells for a premium price […]

Mini-golf Tournament
Fundraiser event ideas like this are great for all ages. Ask a mini-golf course manager in your area to sponsor a tournament to help raise money for your group […]

Movie Night
This is a great school fundraiser because everyone likes going to the movies […]

Murder Mystery
This fundraising game will make you the life (or death) of the party […]

Music CDs
Music cds fundraising follows one of four different models […]

Nude Calendar Shock your friends and neighbors and make money at the same time. Charity event ideas like this are for people who are brave (or exhibitionists) […]

Like the chocolate bar fundraiser, snack items tend to make good fundraisers, so tried and true items like nuts are generally a good choice and you can usually find them on the best fundraising websites […]

Online Auctions
Instead of renting a room and decorating and all the other work and expense of a regular auction, why not sell your stuff online? […]

Pancake Breakfast
Learn how to raise money for charity and cook up a tasty breakfast for your supporters […]

Party Night
A party night can be a lot of fun and helps keep kids busy and out of trouble. This school fundraiser is geared toward kids in middle school and early high school […]

Penny Drive
Or should it be called a penny walk? School fundraiser ideas that involve kids and collecting things are always rewarding. Most people are willing to donate their extra pennies to a worthy cause […]

Personalized items
Popular items for a personalized fundraiser include t-shirts, sweatshirts, coffee mugs, calendars, stationery, silicone bracelets. Learn how to raise money for a cause and spread awareness at the same time […]

Picture fundraisers
Making memories and raising money with photos for non profit fundraising that will last a lifetime […]

Pizza fundraising
Raising money with the food everyone loves. See which company guarantees that you’ll make money […]

A poinsettia fundraiser has lots of profit potential and is the ultimate flower power fundraiser […]

Polar Bear Plunge
Looking for ways to raise money and freeze your butt off at the same time? Got you (un)covered. Cool fundraising ideas don’t get any cooler than this one. B-r-r-r-ring something warm to this winter fundraiser […]

The popcorn fundraiser has been around for a long time and is still one of the most popular fundraising ideas for school […]

Fundraising raffles are manageable for any size group, they’re easy to coordinate, and they cost very little to conduct […]

Read-a-thon for kids
Raising money and intelligence at the same time makes this one of the best fundraisers. Ideas that encourage learning are always great […]

Help your beautiful planet and raise money at the same time. This is on our list of free fundraising ideas […]