More non profit fundraising ideas to make money for your organization. Most of these won’t qualify as quick fundraising ideas, but they’re still worth a look if you’ve “been there, done that” and still need some really good fundraising ideas.

Rubber Duck Race
All for fun and fun for all. This is one of those charity fundraising ideas that can be scaled up to nearly any size. You won’t need a fundraiser website for this, but you will need a whole lot of ducks […]

Sales Percentage Events
This fundraising idea is primarily for established and respected charitable organizations […]

Scavenger Hunt
A fun non-profit fundraising event for everyone, but scavenger hunts are great fundraising ideas for high school or older kids in particular. Unique fundraising ideas like this can generate a lot of interest […]

Scratch Off Fundraiser
One of several brilliant fundraising ideas that is one of the easiest and most profitable too. Discover how to raise money fast with scratch cards […]

Scrip Fundraiser
Scrip is a certificate or a card, which can be used instead of cash or given as a gift […]

Silent Auction
This is definitely not one of the easy fundraising ideas, but can be one of the most profitable. This is one of the best fundraising ideas for getting participation from all over the country and another great way to raise money online […]

Snow/sand Sculpture Contest
Raising money for charity isn’t always easy, but temporary art like this will draw a crowd. If you like ideas for fundraising that involve creativity and the outdoors, this one’s for you […]

Spelling Bee
A fun and easy fundraiser. Discover how to start a fundraiser that will draw a big crowd. Like the read-a-thon, fundraising event ideas like this are great for raising money for charity and promoting learning at the same time […]

Stationery and Greeting Cards
Selling stationery and greeting cards for your school is an excellent way raise school spirit and raise money at the same time […]

Talent Show
Of the many youth group fundraising events, this one might be the most fun. There is probably a lot of undiscovered talent in your city, so you’ll never run out of performers. Talent shows work well as school fundraising ideas […]

Toy fundraiser
Best suited for younger groups with the best prospective customers being families with small children […]

Trivia fundraiser
A popular game and suitable for all ages. It’s a great way to raise money too […]

Ugly Dog Contest
Earn a pretty penny with those not-so-pretty pooches. Learn how to raise money FOR animals and WITH animals here […]

Ugly Tie Contest
One of the fun (and funny) ways to raise money. Men must save their ugly ties for just such an event […]

Vending Machines
Simple…profitable…ongoing. It’s like a candy bar fundraiser that never ends […]

People of all ages and physical abilities can participate in this fundraising event. Even people in wheelchairs can join in. It’s an enjoyable way to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, talk with friends, get exercise and make money for your sports or soccer fundraising group, all at the same time […]

Watermelon Eating Contest
Eat your way to profits. For those of us who love watermelon, this is pure, sweet, wet, sticky, belly-filling fun and perfect if you’re looking for interesting fundraising ideas for teens […]

Imagine a fundraiser that never ends. One that brings in money day after day, week after week, twenty four hours a day, without having to leave your home and without the problems that come with traditional fundraisers […]