If your school is looking to go on a big trip to a place that may be a little expensive, your school will probably have to do some fundraising to help pay for it. Each student who is going on the trip is usually involved in the fundraising in some way and will receive a portion of the amount raised. Schools also have fundraisers for other things, such as new teaching materials for the school, construction, or to make up for budget cuts. Here are some effective fundraising ideas for schools.

Car Wash

This is one of the simpler fundraising ideas for schools . There is not much you have to buy for a car wash fundraiser, just some car wash soap and sponges. You will also need a large area to have the car wash in an area where you have access to a hose. It is easier to hold a car wash with a hose because you can quickly fill up buckets, rinse off cars, and rinse off the pavement when it is getting too soapy. Even charging five dollars a car will end with a good profit if advertising is done properly.

Bake Sale

Don’t just have a small bake sale fundraiser outside the lunchroom like many clubs do. Have a school-wide bake sale. If each student brings something delicious to the bake sale, it could fill the whole gym or even multiple rooms in the school. Invite everyone in the community to come or to even donate some baked goods for the cause. Let everyone know why you need to raise money so they are more willing to help. For the most part, the school will not have to spend any money on the bake sale so a really good profit can be generated.

Candy Catalog

There are a few companies that have candy or merchandise catalogs available for schools who want to raise money through candy fundraising.

Each student is given a catalog to take home to show their family and friends. Students could even walk door to door asking the people in the neighborhood if they would like to buy something. Students should explain to each person where the money is going so that people are aware. This really helps to boost sales.

There are usually incentives for the students to raise as much money as they can. The more money they raise, the better prize they will get.

Community Game Night

Another effective fundraiser for a school is to hold an event open to the community. If the school makes it a game night, it may attract families and little kids to the event. The school could have games available for adults too, such as poker and casino-like games. The key is to have something for every age group so that more people show up. Again, make sure people know the reason the money needs to be raised.

Fundraising is a great way for schools to raise money when they want to do something special for the kids. Students love going on field trips, end-of-the-year trips, and even improving their school with new materials. These four fundraising ideas for schools could really generate an excellent profit.