If you don’t want to sell products or ask for donations, the next best thing is charity events. Of course, with some fundraising event ideas, you can combine product sales with events to boost earnings further, or even combine compatible events.

little girl holds artwork

Art Show

Showcase the talent of your group and raise money too with the art fundraiser. This is one of a few versatile charity event ideas that works well not only for high level charities, but all the way down to elementary schools […]


hand holding auction paddle


Ideas for fundraising events come and go, but the charity auction has been around a while. Anything can be auctioned, so why not make that a part of your next fundraiser […]


chocolate cake slice

Bake Sale

Almost synonymous with fundraising, if you have a lot of volunteers, the bake sale fundraiser is an easy and tasty way to raise money, plus it’s essentially free since contributors donate the goodies. Learn more and get some easy bake sale ideas here […]


boy sitting on basketball

Basketball Tournament

There are a few different basketball fundraising ideas, and they are perfect for people who are looking for ways to raise money that involve fast-paced competition […]


BBQ grill


Everybody likes to eat, and as charity events ideas go, the BBQ fundraiser can be one of the bigger ones, plus you can piggy-back other fundraiser events on to this one, such as Kiss the Pig, and Cow Pie Bingo, etc […]


bingo balls


The Bingo fundraiser is a combination of a social outing and an opportunity to be with friends while giving participants the chance to win money. Bingo is often used for charity fundraising events […]


girls with books

Book Sales

The best fundraising events provide multiple benefits. The book fundraiser straddles the line between product sales and events, but it encourages reading while raising money for a good cause, so that’s a nice bonus […]


bricks and trowel


As with book sales, this could be considered both a product and an event. Not many fundraiser event ideas leave as lasting of an impression as the brick fundraiser […]


woman gorges on cake

Cake Walk

An offshoot of the bake sale, a cake walk fundraiser is a fun and inexpensive way to raise money. As with other ideas for charity events, the cake walk relies on the generosity of donors […]


dog with donation can


This is a pretty slow way to raise money, but once they’re set up, they work for you 24/7, year ’round. Donation cans may not qualify as fund raising events per se, but they’re easy to implement, don’t involve selling products and have lots of potential, so these fundraising cans are worth considering […]


wash bucket

Car Wash

Everyone wants a clean car, so why not help them and let them help you by earning money for your group. As with a few other fundraising events, ideas like this that involve lots of eager and helpful students are bound to succeed […]


old cookbook


As with some of the other fund raising event ideas on this list, the cookbook fundraiser is part event, part product sale, but for non-profit organizations that want to add some creativity, this might be just the ticket […]



Cow Pie Bingo

Adding a whiff of excitement to regular bingo, this one puts the “vent” into events fundraising. Mooove over regular Bingo, fun fundraising events don’t get any funner than this […]


hand with serving plate


The fundraising dinner can be a stand-alone event or as an add-on to earlier fundraising activities that day such as a golf or basketball tournament […]


rottweiler puppy

Dog Walk-a-thon

Need exercise? Need money? Get the whole family involved with this, including (of course) your dog. Naturally, the more participants (and dogs) you can garner, the better […]


beagle puppies

Dog Wash

This a perfect add-on to the dog walk-a-thon and a lot of dog owners will like. Unique fundraising events like this are well-suited to specialized causes such as animal rescue organizations […]


stuffed animals in trunk

Flea Market

Definitely not for dogs (you know, because of the FLEAS), this event is a step up from the garage sale. This is like a bunch of garage sales grouped together, which means it will attract a lot more interest […]


sexy girl holding sign

Free Car Wash

Sounds crazy, but this clever idea has the potential to earn a lot more than a regular car wash. Click here to discover how this can seriously boost earnings […]


girl ready to run

Fun Run

This could be a walk or a run, or both. Combining exercise with raising money makes non profit fundraising events even better. Charity runs provide both […]


garage sale box

Garage Sale

They say one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Although it’s not as large as a flea market, the garage sale fundraiser can still be big and raise a bunch of money […]


golf balls


As with other sports fundraisers, you can raise boatloads of money for your organization with a golf tournament. There are a few cool golf fundraising ideas you could utilize […]


jelly bean jar

Guessing Jar

Get a lot of participation from supporters without a lot of initial expense. Of course, the more prizes and the more value they have, the more participation you’ll have with this, and the more money you’ll raise […]


golfer holds ball


A different kind of golf fundraiser with a gigantic prize. Many charity fundraising event ideas can attract attention, but not like this one, the one with a cool million dollar prize. Click here to get the answer to your next question […]


basketball on finger


If you’re looking for basketball fundraising ideas, here’s an interesting one. It’s a fast-paced game where shooters are given five minutes to sink as many shots as possible. This also works as a perfect adjunct to other basketball fundraisers […]


woman's hair blowing in wind

Huff and Puff

This could be a nice add-on to other events, particularly larger event fundraising ideas that might include games, like the BBQ or the flea market […]


man in jail

Jail and Bail

Go directly to jail and raise money. Seems counter-intuitive, but a common element of successful fundraising events is that they tend to draw a lot of attention, and this one definitely does that […]


girl singing karaoke


This can work well for large groups such as schools or even as church fundraising events. There are a few ways to raise money with the karaoke fundraiser. Learn more here […]


kissing pigs

Kiss the Pig

A perfect add-on to that other farm-friendly fundraiser, cow pie bingo and the BBQ. In this case, the “winner” of some type of contest gets to kiss the pig […]


golf putter and ball


Those who enjoy the regular golf tournament might also like this variation. Plus, it’s more suitable for younger participants than regular golf. This is a good one if you’re looking for popular sports fundraising ideas […]


movie popcorn

Movie Night

A movie night fundraiser for school is a simple concept with great potential and called a “win-win” because everyone loves the movies […]


magnifying glass and fingerprints

Murder Mystery

Despite the name, this is a painless but fun way to raise money. As fundraising games go, this is a good choice […]


man in boxer shorts

Nude Calendar

How to raise money for charity and get a lot of attention. Hopefully it will translate to more money for your group. While not an event per se, you can sell a lot of calendars if you have the right volunteers and courage […]


woman holds cellphone

Online Fundraiser

If you want to know how to raise money fast, this could be your ticket. In the old days, kids went door-to-door peddling magazines and other goods. These days you can raise money online from the comfort of home and reach a much larger audience, with a lot more products […]


stack of pancakes

Pancake Breakfast

A great way to raise money that everyone can sink their teeth into, as long as they enjoy tasty American fare […]


dancing silhouette

Party Night

Especially suitable for older kids, this is how to fundraise and keep your kids in safe environment at the same time […]


penny jar

Penny Drive

Most of the time pennies seem so worthless – unless you have an army of volunteers collecting them for you, then each donation adds up quickly. Just remember what Ben Franklin said […]


dog with santa hat

Photographs with Santa Claws

Note the clever spelling on the title of this holiday fundraiser. Especially suited to animal rescue organizations, but this photo fundraiser could work for any charity or group with a penchant for puppies […]


polar bear

Polar Bear Plunge

Not everyone has the courage to jump into freezing water in the middle of winter. This and the naked calendar are the types of fundraising events that require a thick skin […]


trivia megaphone

Quiz Show

High school fundraising event ideas don’t always have to involve sports. Brains need exercise too. Have you ever wanted to prove how smart you are? A small investment in a quiz or game show could yield big returns […]


roll of raffle tickets


Ideal as an add-on to other charity events, the fundraising raffle gives you the opportunity to raise money in a few different ways […]


little girl reading


One of the many “thons”, the read-a-thon is a perfect kids fundraising idea that would perfectly blend with the book sales fundraiser above […]


girl hugs earth


Stop throwing out your printer cartridges and obsolete electronics. Recycle fundraisers let you raise money and help our little blue dot at the same time […]


yellow rubber ducks

Rubber Ducks

Use this fundraiser as an annual event that is almost sure to capture some attention from the local media. Who wouldn’t love to watch their little yellow duck beat everyone elses. Non profit fundraising event ideas that combine racing and rubber ducks are bound to succeed […]


creative snow sculpture

Sand/Snow Sculpture Contest

Much like an art show, creative fundraising events don’t get any more creative than this. It may take a lot of talent to compete in a charity challenge like these sculpture contests, but there are lots of people willing to try […]


treasure map

Scavenger Hunt

Discover how to plan a charity event that’s fun and challenging. Scavenger hunt fundraisers might make ideal event ideas for college students or at least students who are old enough to drive […]


woman shh

Silent Auction

The silent auction might lack the excitement of a regular auction because there’s no fast-talking auctioneer, but the silent kind are still cool event ideas for fundraising because you can sell over a longer period of time to a larger audience […]


spelling bee

Spelling Bee

Spelling bees are typically fundraising events for schools and a competition among younger students, but why not have age brackets and increase participation for all ages […]


child magician

Talent Show

Just like the popular TV show American Idol, but not limited to singers. This event has high profit potential, depending upon how many talented participants you can gather […]


girl in bikini holding sign

Topless Car Wash

Definitely an eye-opener, but it’s all in the name. The topless car wash is definitely one of the more unique fundraising event ideas. Take a peek and discover why they’re so cool […]


ugly dog

Ugly Dog Contest

This is for dog owners and their fans who know their dogs will never make it to the Westminster Kennel Club […]


ugly ties

Ugly Tie Contest

A little old-fashioned these days, this contest is probably best as an add-on to other events to raise money […]


family walking


Well suited to schools or other large groups that can garner a lot of participation. Cancer fundraising events often use the charity walk for their event fundraising […]