A traditional fundraising event for many charitable groups is a large scale fundraising dinner.  Often it is an annual event, and it is a time for speech making, recognizing outstanding voluntary work and giving awards.

The annual dinner may be a formal fundraiser, maybe even a black tie affair, depending on the group.  This would involve identifying and booking space at a hotel or conference center, which would be fully equipped to provide the quality of food and service required.

An alternative that has been used with great success is a western evening, with cowboy attire, and this would be hosted at a typical steak and beans cowboy restaurant / resort.  The location should be chosen well in advance, and invitations sent out early to maximize the possible attendance.

There is a great deal of organizing required to make sure that the fundraising dinner runs smoothly, and typically a committee is needed so that different tasks can be delegated.  The assembly of so many supporters at one time is a great opportunity to fundraise in several ways, such as described in other sections, for instance there can be a raffle table, 50/50 raffle, silent auction, etc., and these tasks must be spread out amongst the organizing committee.

It is possible that a local radio or TV personality may be persuaded to host the event, and this adds significantly to the professionalism of the evening.  It is also important that the leaders of the group are present and networking with the supporters.

Commonly the recognition of volunteers and summary of the past year’s achievements will take place after the main meal, and perhaps while dessert is being served.

As a final consideration, decide whether the hiring of a band would add to the fundraising dinner, and schedule the evening accordingly.

Another kind of restaurant fundraiser

A less complicated version of the restaurant fundraiser involves selling discounted restaurant certificates to your supporters. The certificates (cards) are available for thousands of restaurants around the country. Your supporters can then enjoy dining at a discount at a restaurant of their choosing whenever they want. The cards also make great gifts. Fundraising.com is the place to get them.



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