When it comes to seasonal fundraising, Christmas ideas abound. If you want to sell merchandise, there are any number of Christmas-themed items – ornaments, Christmas cards, wrapping paper, flowers, chocolates, popcorn … The list seems to go on forever.

These are wonderful items to sell using the online or pre-sales methods, or at a local venue such as a craft show or school fair.

If you want to try something different, Christmas fundraisers can break out of the traditional brochure mold through the sale of Christmas greenery – Christmas trees, Christmas wreaths, and other “live” Christmas items.

If you’re organizing this kind of event, adopt a “giant yard sale” mentality and think “location, location, location”. With a high-traffic location you are sure to snare some seasonal sales from the general public in addition to those generated from within your group.

Some general advice for this kind of event– avoid stretching these sales over more than one weekend (two is the absolute max) or you’ll run into resource issues. In an event of this scale, quicker is more fun. Also, make arrangements ahead of time with your supplier about how to handle left over items.

Be sure to price everything competitively and offer great customer service. For Christmas trees, have able bodies standing by to tie them down on vehicles.

With the right planning, fundraising with Christmas wreaths and Christmas trees can be very profitable and VERY much fun. Have some hot cider on hand for your volunteers, breathe in the wonderful aroma of fresh pine or fir, play a little Christmas music in the background and get your own Christmas spirit revved up.