Having realized that charm bracelets are such a popular adornment the world over, the China Parents Committee of Family & Children’s Agency (FCA), an adoption and social services agency based in Connecticut, is conducting a charm bracelet fundraiser to raise money to help the children still living in Chinese orphanages.

The committee is made up of parents who have adopted children from China are dedicated to improving the lives of orphans who remain in China and to help their adopted children learn about and appreciate their Chinese heritage.

Unlike the Lance Armstrong-inspired fad of fundraising bracelets that is sweeping the country, which typically features simple silicone or rubber awareness bracelets, this group is raising money by selling charm bracelets where both the charms and bracelets are made from high quality sterling silver. The charms, which sell for $11 to $24 each, come in several different shapes, including symbols of love and happiness.

Since 1996, when he Adoption Center at FCA started its China program, more than 500 children have been adopted by loving families. For more information about FCA or its China Adoption Program, visit http://www.FamilyandChildrensAgency.org.

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