Fundraiser scratch off cards are an easy and excellent way to make money. Similar to most scratch cards, when a dot is removed or “scratched off” a number is revealed; this number indicates how much the donor will donate.

By introducing an element of fun and excitement into donations, scratch cards really sell themselves, and it costs your school, college or church or sports team almost nothing.

In return for the donors scratching off the card and donating, they receive a free book of coupons or a similar reward allowing them to save money at many large restaurants or retailers.

Call 1-866-216-2080 for a FREE sample card with your group's photo.

Call 1-866-216-2080 for a FREE sample card with your group’s photo.

Scratchcard fundraisers are a cheap, easy and effective way to raise money for your school, college or church. You are essentially selling a product but there is no begging and littleselling involved. By varying the amount that the donor must pay, normally from zero to five dollars, you introduce an element of fun and excitement.

The cards are easy to sell and use and anyone can do it, including students of nearly any age. While walking door to door may not be ideal in all neighborhoods, giving a scratch card to every student who takes it home who can then use them on family and friends will surely raise a significant amount of money for a minimal outlay and little resentment from your community.

To use scratch off cards as a fundraiser, your group must first purchase the cards from a reputable source. There are hundreds of companies that specialize in helping schools and colleges raise funds, and a select few that offer quality scratchcards.

Scratchcards are one of our favorite fundraisers because of their inherent simplicity and profitability. And, they’re even fun.

Recommended suppliers

Fundraising.com – Offers over 30 Scratchcard themes to match your organization (sports, school, church, band, cheerleading, etc.). One of the most powerful fundraising products, your group can easily earn up to 90% profit. Each supporter receives a valuable brand-name coupon sheet for his or her donation with special coupons from national retailers including Pizza Hut, A&W and major movie theater chains. Free information kit, free prize program and free shipping! Call toll free 1-866-216-2080.