Make more money with this fundraiser idea through the power of affinity programs and residual income. This works especially well for large groups, such as for schools or church fundraisers.

Looking for a good school fund raising idea? This could bring money in for years to come.

The traditional way

With a traditional fundraiser, you hold an event such as a bake sale to raise money or you buy some products to sell—which are sometimes, shall we say, overpriced—and your volunteers heartily pound the pavement to sell them. After a few weeks, your fundraising group reaps the benefits one time.

And that’s it. If you need more money, your non-profit group puts on another fundraising event or sends out volunteers to sell more products.

A better way

Loyalty and affinity programs allow you and your family or group members to make money for your schools, clubs or groups by shopping at designated retailers or using a designated debit or credit card. The retailers rebate a certain portion of your purchases, which can vary between 1% on the low end, all the way up to 50% with certain products and services. This can really add up over time if you have enough people participating.

And it’s not very difficult to convince people to participate in your program, since they don’t have to spend any extra money. The cash comes from products and services that they will normally buy anyway and at the same price or less.