Snack items tend to make good fundraisers, so tried and true items like fundraiser candy or nuts are generally a good choice. Candy, the proverbial fundraiser, has an abundance of suppliers to choose from and selling the product can happen in number of ways.

School concession stands and school fairs are popular outlets, but the most common form of this fundraiser is the “case sale”. In the case sale scenario, a salesman is given a case of 76 – 144 candy bars with the goal of selling one case at $1.00 – $2.00 per bar. The profit generated is usually 50%.

Some suppliers include a coupon on the label of the candy bar as an added incentive for the buyer and the label can be customized with your logo.

Another form of the candy fundraiser involves pre-sales of higher-end candy through a catalog or brochure. Boxes of chocolates, candy with nuts, or chocolate truffles are some of the typical items offered for this kind of event.

Candy and nuts - a powerful combination that's hard to resist.

Candy and nuts – a powerful combination that’s hard to resist.

As with all “order taker” operations, there is very little risk involved since there is no up front investment, but a little more work is required since you have to see your customer twice to complete the sale.

In the backlash against sugary snacks, fundraiser nut sales have come to the rescue. There are lots of variations on the nut products available – gourmet peanuts, freshly roasted nuts, and special nut mixes are just a few of the possibilities.

Like candy, there are a number of nut suppliers available, and the profits are in the 50% range.

Candy Fundraiser Suppliers

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