Free Fundraising Idea Number Two

No upfront cost fundraisers are hard to come by. So are free fundraising products in general.

Enter the scratch off fundraiser.

The scratch off – or scratchcard – fundraiser works like lottery tickets in reverse. Instead of your participants scratching the cards to see how much they’ve won, they scratch them to see how much they owe.

You and your volunteers find potential donors and ask them if they’d like to play a game to support your cause. Most people will play when they find out that their obligation will be limited to $5.00 and might be even less.

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Each scratch off fundraiser card has a bunch of dots and each dot has a dollar value behind it, from zero to $5.00, and whichever dot your participants’ choose to scratch off is the amount they agree (in advance) to pay. Be sure to mention the worthy cause your fundraiser is supporting.

It’s a fun way to raise money without obligating anyone to spend a lot of money.

Even better: for their trouble, your supporters will receive a bunch of valuable coupons just for playing.

How is this idea free?

These aren’t no cost fundraisers, but rather, fundraisers with no upfront cost.


One of the biggest advantages of scratch card fundraisers is their simplicity. Scratch cards are easy to create and distribute, and require minimal resources and effort to manage. They also provide a fun and easy way for people to donate money to a cause.

Additionally, scratch cards can be used as a form of advertisement. People who receive a scratch card may become curious about the cause and learn more about it, potentially leading to more donations.

Scratch card fundraisers are also highly profitable. Because the cost of producing and distributing scratch cards is relatively low, potential profits are relatively high.

Additionally, scratch cards can be tailored to fit any budget, allowing organizations to maximize their potential earnings.


One potential disadvantage of scratch card fundraisers is that they can be seen as a form of gambling. Some people may not be comfortable with the idea of donating money to a cause by taking part in a game of chance.

Scratch card fundraisers may not be suitable for all organizations. Some organizations may need to be more transparent and accountable for the way their money is being used, and may not be able to use scratch cards as a form of fundraising.

Another potential disadvantage is that scratch card fundraisers may not be the most effective way to raise money. While they can be highly profitable, they may not be the best way to attract large numbers of donations.

The success of a scratch card fundraiser will also depend heavily on the way it is managed and marketed, which may require additional resources and effort.

Overall, scratch card fundraisers can be a great way for organizations and schools to raise money for their cause. While there are some potential drawbacks, scratch cards can be a fun and profitable way to get people involved in donating to a cause.

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