Free Fundraising Idea Number Nine

Ben Franklin would be proud.

Since you’ll already be out there gathering spent printer cartridges, retired cellphones and empty bottles for your next fundraiser, why not gather up some other valuable recyclables at the same time?

Consider aluminum cans or unwanted copper items, such as old pots and pans, water pipes, discarded wire, etc. Both of these minerals have increased in valuation recently – particularly copper.

Then there’s the penny.

You remember what ol’ Ben Franklin said about pennies, right? “A penny saved is a penny earned.”

As no cost fundraising ideas go, collecting pennies is a great – although slow – way to reach your goal.

pile of pennies

Pennies have so little value on their own nowadays – apart from the copper content, helping to make pennies even more valuable than their face value – that folks are often happy to donate them to your cause, if for no other reason than to discard them.

Free donations for fundraisers typically involve food or purchased products that are sometimes challenging to get from potential donors.

Pennies are different.

Who wouldn’t be willing to empty their pockets of pennies for a worthy cause?

Collecting things like pennies make ideal free fundraising ideas for kids simply because they enjoy the challenge of amassing as many pennies as they can, from anyone and everyone they encounter, and most people are happy to oblige.

oh look a penny

Find a large transparent jar to drop the pennies in so everybody can watch it fill up. It can actually make fundraising fun.

Then add a competition to reward the top collectors and your earnings will shoot through the roof.

An interesting variation on the standard penny fundraiser is the penny war, where teams or schools compete with each other to collect the most pennies for themselves and other types of money for the other team.

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