Free Fundraising Idea Number Four

Have a big group? Would you like to raise money and help your lovely planet Earth at the same time? (Say yes.) Then a laser and inkjet cartridge fundraiser might be just what you’re looking for.

Most households and businesses these days own computers and printers – sometimes several. And that means hundreds of millions of used printer cartridges heading to the landfill every single day.

inkjet cartridges

Don’t let anyone throw out another ink jet or laser cartridge. Have your volunteers and supporters collect these cartridges for recycling and get paid for each one. The Funding Factory will pay you for them. This fundraiser is super easy.

It works like this:

  1. Sign up with the Funding Factory, and
  2. They’ll send you free ink collection boxes, then
  3. You and your supporters fill them up with used printer cartridges, and
  4. You send the boxes back, then
  5. You get paid for every inkjet and laser cartridge you send.





To give you a little more motivation for recycling ink cartridges and to give you an idea as to how large a problem it is (and therefore, how great an opportunity it is for raising money), look at this infographic:

Think Green