As kids we all love to play cops and robbers, but as we grow up we try to avoid the behind bars scenario as much as possible. There is still one time when it is fun to be escorted out and locked up in a make shift cell until your bail is raised. One of the best fundraisers of all time is the jail and bail, where willing participants are cuffed and booked.

Housed in a make shift cell where they make phone calls, pleading for donations to passersby for enough money to make bail as they watch the hot dog sales, cokes or other goodies as other students, family, neighbors and friends watch their jail bird!

This would work especially well as a sorority or fraternity fundraiser or just as a general campus or school fundraiser. Who wouldn’t donate money to help a damsel in distress? You could even pit a sorority against a fraternity to see which group could raise the most money or a certain amount the fastest, e.g., whoever gets bail first.

Getting Volunteers for Your Event

Law enforcement officers are generally very good with volunteering for the good of the community with a little persuasion. Call your local Police or Sheriff’s department and ask for the community services department. Give them the charitywoman prisoner information and ask if they would be able to get a couple of law enforcement officers to volunteer.

You will also need a Judge, that can be a real judge or someone dressed in a robe. It adds to the fun if you can have a bench or other real looking courtroom set up to summons your participants. Be sure and have the gavel, because your judge will certainly need to call order in the court!

As for your jailbirds, this could take place in an office, hospital or other business where employees have agreed to raise money for a good cause. If you are prepared to go on a larger scale you could have a call in center or session a couple of weeks prior and take requests for jailbirds.

What You Need For The Big Day

Of course you will need to decide on a location for your jailhouse. The best place is one in a very visible public place and could even be at an office, hospital, restaurant or other community facility. Try and get as many decorations donated as possible. You can use paper props or cardboard cutouts for the cells or judges quarters.

Some costume designers or party supply stores will donate costumes, decorations and paper goods for your event. Make sure that you contact the phone company or local cell phone dealer to see if they will supply phones and service for the event. In most cases they will supply service for the event if you will allow them to advertise.

Along with service you will need to supply phone books for the jailbirds, to make their phone calls!