One innovative way for your organization to make money is by selling first aid kits as fundraisers.

A nice alternative to the food-oriented approaches, first aid kit fundraisers are especially good for elementary schools and scouting groups.

Though not exactly in the “glamorous” or “fun” category, the product nevertheless has a wide range of appeal.

Basic first aid kits, especially the small purse-size ones, are in demand by anyone who has children while the more deluxe models are attractive to automobile and boat owners. Plus, there is a “feel-good” factor involved – customers feel good about the decision to be responsible.

There is a lot of diversity both in the type of kit available and in the selling prices. The small “Ouch Pack”, which consists of antiseptic wipes and adhesive bandages sells for a mere $2.00 while more deluxe models which include heavy-duty items like road flares and/or emergency blankets sell in the $25.00 range.

In-between versions including a variety of basic items like band-aids, cold compresses and antibiotic creams sell for around $8.00 – $10.00. Regardless of the selling price though, the gross profit tends to be in the 50% arena.

Some companies offer to print your logo on their hard-sided kit for a fee and this may be a worthwhile investment. The kit not only has the potential to “save the day”, with a shelf life of up to five years, it becomes a lasting advertisement for your group.

Other than ranking a little low on the “sizzle” scale, there really is no downside to first aid kit fundraising. The product is useful, in demand and works well with either the “order taker” or direct sale approach.

The profit margins are reasonable and you can feel good about helping build a safer community.