Developing the perfect elementary school fundraiser has been a passion among merchants, who have helped thousands of elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools with their fundraising activities.

Parents seeking new fundraising ideas to raise money for their child’s elementary school may need to avail themselves of the latest trends in successful fundraising. A viable elementary school fundraiser can generate significant revenues.

Fundraising purchase activities like Scrip guarantees a bouquet of benefits to schools and other groups.

Scrip, which literally means paper that substitutes for money, today dons the new role as a fundraising tool. It is increasingly used by schools and nonprofit organizations.

The schools or organizations purchase them at a discount and resell them at face value. Fundraiser groups derive revenue from this and the donor can use the scrip during his or her shopping-spree.

Thus the purchase programs let donors contribute to schools and go about their day-to-day shopping. Without any hassles, the school gets a part of the income of the purchases that parents will be purchasing anyway. This source of income can continue all through the year with no extra effort if managed properly.

Via the Internet, a great revolution has been brought in with respect to the scrip concept for fundraising. There are now websites which send rebates for online shopping back to the school involved.

And speaking of tech-savvy, some school teachers have been successful in raising funds by cashing in on the technological advantage of email campaigning. One way to do this is via magazine fundraisers, which can now be completed entirely online.

It’s really easy if you sign up through Fundraising.com. They even do the mailing for you. All you have to do is supply the names (which you get through your network of volunteers) and efundraising does the rest. All the ordering is done online too, so there’s no more door-to-door sales involved. Go here for more info.

A cookie dough fundraiser is also a great idea for elementary schools, as well as other non profit organizations like parent-teacher groups, sports clubs, churches, and youth groups.

More ideas:

Conducting a school/community talent show coupled with a gift basket auction, and selling lollipops, freshly baked cookies, etc. are a few examples of fund raising activities that suit elementary schools.