These easy fundraisers break away from the traditional ideas that you’ll find on this site.  Some of these ideas are new and unusual, while others are not new but stand out because they are easier to implement or they have greater potential to earn money for your fundraising group. You’ll also find that some of these ideas make great add-ons to traditional fundraisers.

Bracelet fundraisers
Raise money by selling custom bracelets with your group’s message…(more)

Guessing Jars
Guess how much money you can raise with this?…(more)

Penny Drive
A penny saved is a penny earned…(more)

Sports Fundraising made simple
One of the easiest and most profitable fundraisers because there’s no products, sales, ordering or delivery, and you don’t need to become a full-time fundraiser to raise a bunch of money…(more)

Scratch Card Fundraising
This is a brilliant fund raising idea that is one of the easiest and most profitable too. Scratch cards can be used for schools, churches, soccer teams or any other fund raising group imaginable…(more)

Online Auctions as Fundraisers
Everyone knows about eBay and either knows someone or has heard stories about someone making a living with online auctions…(more)

Online Fundraising Idea – This is one of the easiest fundraisers and most powerful ever since it takes so little effort to do and it’s completely FREE. Just a few mouse clicks and you’re raising money. Really, this is something that every group should do because it can also be done in conjunction with any other fundraiser…(more)

Magazine Fundraisers
The great thing about selling magazines for your fundraiser is that you can have repeat customers year after year. Plus, you don’t have to pick up or deliver any products. And now you can do it all ONLINE! Easy…(more)

Lollipop Fundraiser
Sweet, cheap, easy, and profitable. Earn up to 100% for your group by selling lollipops…(more)

Custom t-shirts and other items
Sell a variety of products adorned with your logo through your own FREE website…(more)

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