cow meme

Call it your “doody” to raise money with this.

Ahh, the sweet smell of success, for any western-style fundraising event. Cow Pie Bingo is a very easy way to make some extra cash for your charity with a little help from farmers and Mother Nature. The cows may even enjoy it too.

How a Cow Pie Fundraiser Works

You can hold this event on a strip of land, football field or even on a blocked off street. Getting local farmers, dairies or other cow owners to donate their cows for a few hours is generally very easy. Most of them will donate to a good cause because it gets them some publicity.

The field is set up by marking off large squares as you would see on a bingo card. These squares should have numbers or other distinguishing characters. You sell chances for which square the cow will drop the cow pies on! So it’s up to “Bessie” to decide who wins.

You're gonna do what?

You’re gonna do what?

Other Sources of Income from this Event

This type of fundraiser is good because the winners can be given small prizes if they guess the correct square. These prizes can be donated by local merchants, leaving you with more profit from the event.

And of course any time you have a crowd of people there are other opportunities for extra funding. Food and beverages and other refreshments are always a hit. Bounce houses, clowns, face painting and the like are generally good for the smaller cow bingo-ers. Other activities could include a “milk the cow” for a fee or a “ride the cow” to rake in some additional money for your charity. You may even want to try a cow pie throwing contest or cow pie frisbee!

Issues To Consider

Make sure that you have lots of volunteers to help with the animals and other logistics on the day of the event. Someone will need to help corral the cows until they are up to the challenge. Transportation needs to be arranged and strict scheduling needs to be followed due to the safety of the onlookers as well as animals. This is a good fundraising event and everyone can have a great time.