Coffee could be the perfect fundraising product. A staple in almost every household, hosting a coffee fundraiser lets people help your organization by buying a product they use every single day.

The mass appeal extends to businesses too – many employers are only too happy to help your organization and treat their employees at the same time.

Although the idea of coffee fundraising is not new, it’s still “fresh”. The program involves selling premium coffee at a premium price. Though a little expensive when compared to grocery store brands, companies like Starbucks have done a lot to reduce the “sticker shock” of premium coffees and most people don’t question the $8 – $10.00 per pound.

For those who do, however, offering cute packaging ideas like collector’s tins adds enough value to make it palatable for them. Premium coffee is a relatively easy sell and you can expect to make around 40% profit.

There are a fair number of coffee companies with fundraising programs and their offerings are remarkably similar. The coffee itself is of premium quality and is available in a number of flavors, varieties and grinds. Decaffeinated blends are available.


The sight and smell of coffee has an appeal all its own.

For those who don’t drink coffee at all, a selection of gourmet teas and/or hot chocolates is usually available.

Most organizations opt for “pre sales” via the “order taker” brochure, although coffee is a good candidate for direct sales too. It is incredibly easy to store—it’s dense and doesn’t require much space, plus it’s non-perishable. Coffee houses will argue this point, but roasted, sealed coffee has a shelf life of up to two years.