These church fundraiser ideas are the activities and events that we feel are most appropriate to church groups. Of course, just as with the other fundraising classifications, these can be done by any group successfully, including schools, sports teams, cheerleading groups, bands and other non-profit organizations, not just as church fundraisers.


raffle box

50/50 Raffle Fundraiser

Build excitement by sharing the wealth. Raffles are perfect fundraising ideas for church that can be held at any church or non-church-related event where there will already be a large crowd of people, such as a sporting event, a play or a meeting. Check out our main list for more raffle fundraising ideas […]


hand holding auction paddle


Virtually anything can be auctioned. One only needs to look at the success of eBay to see the amazing variety of products sold with auctions: cars, bikes, airplanes…even land, so an auction makes a great church fundraiser too. Be sure to check out our other auction fundraising ideas […]


woman shh

Auctions – the silent kind

This is definitely not one of the easiest fundraisers for church, but a silent auction fundraiser can be highly profitable […]


sausage on fork


This can be a large event with lots of volunteers needed, but the rewards are numerous. Get some BBQ fundraiser ideas here […]


bingo balls


Bingo is the game-o, and the bingo fundraiser is one of the all-time favorite church fundraising ideas that work consistently. Go here to discover some bingo fundraiser ideas and tips […]


bingo balls

Bike Ride

Get your exercise in and raise money at the same time. Good for all ages – it just takes pedal power […]




Spreading the reading bug – that’s the side benefit of the book fundraiser (also known as the book drive fundraiser) […]


bricks and trowel


The key to a solid fundraising foundation and donor recognition might be the brick fundraiser. As church fundraising events go, fundraising bricks for donor recognition walls or walkways, leave a lasting impression […]




Buy in bulk, print your own or…both? A calendar fundraiser offers several advantages to your organization. Discover the benefits of calendar fundraisers for church here […]


red candles


Candle fundraisers are romantic, aromatic, and profitable. Find out which candle fundraisers are right for your non-profit group […]


chocolate pieces


You can run a candy bar fundraiser with few volunteers, so it is ideal for small or large fundraising groups. The candy fundraiser is the quintessential money raising tool for a lot of charities and non profit organizations like schools […]


dog with donation can


A few dollars or coins at a time is all it takes. Although they’re rather slow, donation cans make good youth group fundraisers too, because of their simplicity […]




Arguably one of the biggest money makers of them all, catalog fundraisers can be very lucrative, as long as you have good merchandise at reasonable prices. Learn about brochure fundraising here […]


pile of cellphones

Cell Phone Donations

Don’t let your obsolete cell phones gather dust – or worse, go to the landfill – give them to a worthy cause and get money for your worthy cause at the same time with this recycling fundraiser […]




A cheesecake fundraiser could be perfect for your fall or winter fundraising event, but not summer though. Cheesecake needs to be refrigerated, so cheesecake fundraisers should be held in cooler times of the year […]


christmas tree


If you want to sell merchandise, there are any number of Christmas fundraising ideas available, or you can even fundraise directly by sending out a church fundraising letter. You’ll also find some good fundraising ideas for youth groups that make good Christmas fundraisers […]


coffee beans


Hosting a coffee fundraiser lets people help your organization by buying a product they use every single day. Check out these coffee fundraising ideas […]


chocolate chip cookie

Cookie Dough

A cookie dough fundraiser is one of the fastest growing and most popular ways to raise money for groups of all kinds. There are several to choose from. Which cookie fundraiser is the best for your organization? […]


hand holding coupons

Coupon Books

Fundraiser coupon books, which contains hundreds of coupons for things like dining, groceries, travel and sporting events is created specifically for your local metro area. So the coupon book fundraiser offers your supporters and participants ongoing value […]


yellow tulips in water can

Flower Bulbs

Flower power fundraising brightens up gardens and hearts alike. See the many beautiful options available for your church or congregation with a flower fundraiser […]


stuffed animals in trunk

Flea Market

The next step up from the garage sale is the flea market fundraiser. Rather than having one vendor (you or your group), a flea market fundraising event can have as many vendors as your space allows […]


magazines online


The great thing about an online magazine fundraiser is that you can have repeat customers year after year. And with literally hundreds of periodicals to choose from, there’s something for everyone. And since it’s all done online, magazine fundraising has never been easier. Go here to get your free fundraising website to sell magazines and a whole lot more […]



Ink Jet Cartridge Recycling

Make money for your fundraising church group and do something wonderful for your community and our planet by recycling ink cartridges […]


hand holding donut

Krispy Kreme Donuts

If you work in an office (or as a cop 🙂 ), you probably have donuts regularly. The Krispy Kreme fundraiser has the answer to your daily fix and to raising money. This is a melt-in-your-mouth money raising plan […]


stack of pancakes

Pancake Breakfast

Cooking up a perfect fundraiser. The pancake breakfast fundraiser is great for early risers or if you just want to offer your supporters a hearty meal in appreciation for their donations […]


kids hold photo frame


Making memories and raising money with a picture fundraiser. A family portrait fundraiser provides everyone who participates something of value that will last a lifetime […]




The poinsettia fundraiser is seasonal, but with lots of profit potential. Poinsettia fundraising is a traditional and festive Christmas fundraiser idea that will brighten everyone’s home […]


Little boy enjoying popcorn


Popcorn has a high profit margin, plus it’s a popular and well-liked snack, making it an easy sell to a wide range of people […]


raffle tickets


The Fundraising raffle is manageable for any size group; they’re easy to coordinate, and they cost very little to conduct. You just need some good fundraising raffle ideas to run your event successfully […]


treasure map

Scavenger Hunt

A fun, rewarding and challenging fundraiser event for everyone, the scavenger hunt fundraiser will bring out the competitors and the clever sleuths in your group […]


scratch off cards


The scratch off fundraiser is one of several cool fundraising ideas that is one of the easiest and most profitable too. Fundraising scratch cards offer your supporters the chance to play a game and donate to your cause at the same time, in exchange for some valuable coupons […]


womans hand credit cards

Scrip Fundraiser

Scrip fundraising involves a certificate or a card, which can be used instead of cash or given as a gift. Learn more about the scrip fundraiser here […]


creative snow sculpture

Snow/sand Sculpture Contest

There aren’t a lot of outdoor winter fundraising ideas, but this will fit the bill if your area gets lots of snow or if you live by the beach. This temporary art will draw a crowd to your event […]


custom t-shirt


Fundraiser t-shirts with your group’s logo or slogan are an excellent way to raise funds, not to mention visibility, for your cause. Find out where to get good shirts for your t-shirt fundraiser […]


website domain signs

Website Fundraising

Imagine a fundraiser that never ends. One that brings in money day after day, week after week, twenty four hours a day, without having to leave your home and without the problems that come with traditional fundraisers. Fundraising websites can do just that […]


christmas wreath


The wreaths can be decorated by members and supporters and then sold to raise money. As church fundraising activities go, the Christmas wreath fundraiser has special significance, since it relates to, you know, Christmas […]