Unleash the Potential:
Top Fundraising Ideas for Church Success

Churches often need to raise money for various projects and expenses. Fundraisers are a great way for churches to bring the congregation together and get the community involved while earning money for important causes. Here are some tips for planning successful fundraisers for your church:

  • Know Your Goal – Before planning a fundraiser, determine how much money you need to raise and what exactly the funds will be used for. This will help you choose the right type of fundraiser and set a monetary goal.
  • Get Organized – Form a fundraiser planning committee and assign roles like communications lead, volunteer coordinator, event planner, etc. Hold regular meetings leading up to the event. Organization is key!
  • Promote It – Spread the word about your fundraiser through channels like social media, email, posters, bulletin announcements, word of mouth, or set up a personal fundraising page for more impact and online giving. Share details on the cause and how funds will help.
  • Offer Incentives – Encourage participation by offering small prizes, raffles, or rewards for top fundraisers. Friendly competition can boost involvement and donations for your church.
  • Keep It Simple – Opt for fundraisers that are easy to execute like bake sales, car washes, talent shows, or selling a themed item. Unique church fundraising ideas are good, but avoid overly complex events.
  • Use Your Resources – Take advantage of your congregation’s skills and enthusiasm by having volunteers cook, perform, or donate goods. This saves money.
  • Partner Up – Collaborate with local businesses, clubs, or community groups for donations of goods, services or sponsorship. Church leadership and partners can help promote too.
  • Add Fun – Incorporate enjoyable activities, games, music, decorations, and refreshments to create a festive fundraising environment.
  • Schedule Smart – Be aware of major community events and avoid overlapping. Host fundraisers when most people can attend.
  • Review Finances – Track income and expenses, and have a treasurer manage funds carefully. Transparency builds trust.

Now let’s explore some specific fundraiser ideas that work well for churches:


raffle box

Raffle Rewards Reap Revenue Riches

Many churches have turned to 50/50 raffles as a way to raise donations for their congregations, as these raffles allow both the church and raffle participants to benefit financially. With a 50/50 raffle, half of the money raised through ticket sales is given out as the prize to a winning ticket holder, while the other half goes directly to the church hosting the raffle. Raffles like these have proven very popular at many churches, providing an easy way to engage congregation members while bringing in crucial fundraising dollars […]


hand holding auction paddle

Amplify Your Fundraiser with an Auction Spectacular

Church auctions are a great way to raise money for important causes like funding a youth mission trip, repairing the church building, or supporting the church’s general budget. Organizing live auction event and inviting both church members and the local community to bid on donated items is an engaging fundraiser that can really help raise money for your church. The auction could include themed baskets, crafts, baked goods, gift cards from local businesses, and services from talented church members. With creative prizes, lively bidding wars, and smart promotion, a church auction can be a fun and lucrative way to fundraise for your church’s needs and mission  […]


woman shh

Channel Church Charity with Cash-Snatching Silent Auctions

Silent auctions are excellent church fundraiser ideas that allow congregations to raise money in a fun and engaging way. During a silent auction fundraising campaign, members donate various items and services that are bid on throughout the event with written bids rather than verbal ones. Silent auctions work well for churches of all sizes and budgets, making them a flexible fundraising option when planning a campaign. […]


sausage on fork

Barbecue for Bucks: Throw a Smokin’ Fundraiser

Hosting a barbecue is such a fun way for a church to fundraise! Barbecues are an easy church event to organize, with members providing tasty salads, desserts and their best grilling. A barbecue fundraiser with fun activities will help you raise money for your church in a delicious way that brings everyone together  […]


bingo balls

Bingo Night: A Tried and True Church Fundraising Champion

Hosting a bingo night is a great church fundraising event that’s easy to organize and gets the whole congregation involved. Offering fun prizes and snacks creates an exciting atmosphere that brings people together for your fundraising effort. A bingo fundraiser is a great way to raise money for your church while providing a night of entertainment and community engagement […]


bingo balls

Wheeling for the Win: Maximize Fundraising With a Charity Bike Ride

Organizing a charity bike ride is a great church fundraising idea that can involve everyone in your church. You can have members gather pledges and take part in a fun group bike ride for a great cause. A church charity bike ride brings in donations while providing a healthy activity that builds community  […]



The Book Sales Fundraiser Turns Words into Money

For your next church fundraiser, consider organizing a used book sale to raise funds for your church. Ask members to donate gently used books, then sell them on designated days in the church hall or parking lot. A used book sale is an easy fundraiser to organize that can bring in significant funds through donations and book sales. […]


bricks and trowel

Brick by Brick: Building a Stronger Future through Fundraising

The key to a solid fundraising foundation and donor recognition might be the brick fundraiser. Brick fundraising has proven to be an effective method for generating funds for various causes, including church building funds and mission trip fundraising. Participants can purchase personalized bricks, which are then used in constructing or renovating church buildings, walkways, etc. […]



Turning Time into Treasures: Terrific Calendar Fundraisers

Buy in bulk, print your own or…both? A calendar fundraiser offers several advantages to your organization. Calendar fundraising is a highly effective strategy to raise money to support various initiatives, and often considered to be fairly easy church fundraising. Churches can create custom calendars featuring photos and themes that resonate with their congregation, then sell these calendars to raise funds for their programs and projects. This approach not only generates financial support but also serves as a meaningful keepsake for church members, strengthening the sense of community and purpose. […]


red candles

Lighting the Way to Fundraising Victory with Candles

Candle fundraisers are romantic, aromatic, and profitable. Organizing a candle fundraiser at your church is a wonderful way to raise money and encourage church members to contribute to your cause. By offering a variety of scented and decorative candles, you can engage the congregation in the fundraising effort. This approach not only provides the necessary financial support for your church’s activities but also fosters a sense of unity and shared purpose among its members […]


chocolate pieces

Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice: Candy Fundraisers Unleashed

Candy fundraising is hands down one of the favorite church fundraising ideas – because who can resist divine confections that bring out the inner child in even the sternest churchgoer? It’s an easy church fundraiser that’ll have your congregation saying “Amen” to snacking for a good cause. So, get ready to embark on a heavenly journey of sweetness that’s as easy as saying your prayers and as fun as a sugary sermon! […]


dog with donation can

Coins for a Cause: The Fundraising Revolution in a Can

Donation cans are like the superhero capes of fundraising – they don’t need any special skills or fancy gadgets, and they’re always there when you need them to save the day! Plus, they’re the secret weapon to get all church members involved in the hilarious and slightly competitive quest to see whose spare change can make the most noise. With the power of these clinking champions, your church can raise money and have a good laugh while doing it! […]



Catalog Crusaders: Turning Pages into Profits

Catalog fundraising is the perfect “choose your adventure” story for an easy church fundraising idea. It’s like a fundraising buffet, but instead of an all-you-can-eat, it’s more of an “all-you-can-sell” feast. With the power of these magical catalogs, your congregation can make money for the church while offering friends and family the chance to shop till they drop, all from the comfort of their couches! It’s fundraising with a side of retail therapy, and everyone’s a winner  […]


pile of cellphones

Call to Action: Cell Phone Donations Connect

Cell phone recycling is like the superhero of fundraising, where old phones get a second chance at life while your church and the community cash in on the action. It’s like turning dusty old gadgets into holy grails of fundraising fortune, all while saving the planet one iPhone at a time. So, embark on a digital treasure hunt, finding forgotten devices in the depths of junk drawers and, in the process, transform them into the holy grails of church fundraising […]



Savoring Success: Cheesecake Fundraisers Delight and Deliver

Cheesecake fundraising is the holy grail of fundraising – because who can resist creamy, dreamy slices of delight? It’s the type of fundraising that turns your congregation into cheesecake crusaders, wielding dessert as their secret weapon for raising dough. So, let your church and nonprofits embark on a delicious adventure that’s as sweet as salvation and as funny as a cake with an identity crisis […]


christmas tree

Deck the Halls and Coffers: Christmas Fundraising for Churches

If you want to sell merchandise, there are any number of Christmas fundraising ideas available, or you can even fundraise directly by sending out a church fundraising letter. A fun and festive way to fundraise is by having members of the church sell fresh Christmas trees, wreaths, and greenery at a temporary lot or high-traffic venue. This allows members to spread holiday cheer while helping your church earn profits through the sale of these live Christmas items […]


coffee beans

Coffee Fundraising: Brew Your Way to Bigger Bucks

Coffee fundraisers are totally brew-tiful for nonprofits and churches! Members will perk right up when they can grab their daily cup o’ joe and donate to their church at the same time – it’s a divine blend of giving and caffeine. Just partner with a local roaster to earn a cut of the coffee sold within your church and start raking in the dough(nuts) from your congregation’s sacred bean habit […]


chocolate chip cookie

Cookie Cash: Kid Sellers Score Dough

Baking up dough for your church’s youth group has never been easier thanks to profitable cookie dough fundraisers, providing an easy way to raise money fast. With adorable younger church members going door to door taking orders for tasty cookie dough, residents find it impossible to resist supporting these pint-sized entrepreneurs.  […]


hand holding coupons

Coupon Book Campaigns: Crafting Cash with Clever Coupons

Fundraiser coupon books, which contains hundreds of coupons for things like dining, groceries, travel and sporting events is created specifically for your local metro area. Help your church bring home the bacon with a sizzling coupon book fundraiser offering juicy savings on everything from pizza to pet grooming. Church members eager to serve up success can take the orders while the pastor deliciously delivers coupon books to the congregation—now that’s a value meal plan from the divine! […]


yellow tulips in water can

Flower Power: Bloom Big Fundraising Dollars

Flower fundraising brightens up gardens and hearts alike. Tired of lackluster church fundraising efforts that wilt under pressure? It’s time to blossom and watch donations grow with a flower bulb fundraiser to help your church. Church members can become top sellers, rooting for beautiful tulips, daffodils, and lilies to sprout, and soon your church will be rolling in clover thanks to this budding fundraiser. […]


stuffed animals in trunk

Flea Market Fundraising: Unearth Community Treasures

Hosting a flea market is a great fundraising idea for many churches, allowing members of the church to gather and sell secondhand goods, handmade crafts, baked goods, and more to the public. Flea markets provide a fun way for congregation members to get involved in fundraising efforts by donating items, baking treats, volunteering time, and spreading the word about the event. With community participation, flea markets can become excellent ongoing fundraisers that provide churches with steady revenue through vendor rental fees and item sales […]



Recycle for Riches with an Inkjet Cartridge Fundraiser

An inkjet cartridge recycling fundraiser is a great peer-to-peer fundraising idea for churches. Members can collect used ink cartridges from home, work, friends and family and turn them in to be recycled, earning money for each cartridge. This unique fundraising concept lets church members tap into their community networks to obtain cartridge donations, making it a great peer-to-peer fundraising idea for churches […]


hand holding donut

Krispy Kreme Fundraising Delivers Dough and Donations

If you work in an office (or as a cop 🙂 ), you probably have donuts regularly. Selling boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts is a delicious way to support your church fundraising needs. Pre-selling donuts and delivering the treats is a fun and easy fundraiser – Krispy Kreme fundraising is one method that works for churches of all sizes […]


stack of pancakes

Hotcakes for Cold Hard Cash: Pancake Fundraising

Cooking up a perfect fundraiser. Hosting a pancake breakfast is a tasty way to bring in donations and get the community involved in church giving. By organizing a pancake breakfast fundraiser and encouraging volunteers around your church to help with cooking, serving, and spreading the word, you can easily draw crowds ready to dine on delicious pancakes while contributing to a good cause. With thoughtful planning and promotion, pancake breakfasts can become beloved annual traditions that provide churches with a satisfying source of fundraising revenue […]


kids hold photo frame

Say Cheese for Fundraising Wins with Photos

Picture fundraisers are a great fundraising idea for churches looking to raise more money for their community. By hiring a professional photographer to take portraits of church members and selling photo packages, churches can earn a portion of the picture profits. Picture fundraisers allow churches to tap into a fundraising opportunity that people are happy to participate in, as they get to purchase high-quality family photos while supporting their church […]



Poinsettia Power: Joy to the Bottom Line

Poinsettia fundraisers are the perfect way to deck the halls and your budget in church communities. Just like those little elves, these festive plants work their magic to turn green into gold. So, invite everyone in your church to join the jingle-bell ring of fundraising success – it’s a bloomin’ good time for all […]


Little boy enjoying popcorn

Popcorn Fundraisers: Unleash the Explosive Potential of Popped Profits

When your church needs some extra dough, a popcorn fundraiser is like a kernel of hope popping into your life. It’s the buttery, crunchy way to fill your coffers and keep your congregation happily munching along. So, if you’re looking for even more church “pop”-ularity and funds, get ready to snack, crackle, and pop your way to success! […]


raffle tickets

Luck Be a Fundraiser: Raising the Stakes with Raffles

Raffle fundraisers are like the lottery, but with a guaranteed win – a warm fuzzy feeling and a donation to your church! It’s a special night fundraiser where you might just win a prize while supporting a great cause. So, roll the dice (not literally, it’s a raffle after all) and join the fun – who knew that fundraising could be as exciting as a game show? […]


treasure map

Adventure Awaits: Scavenger Hunt Fundraisers for All Ages

Scavenger hunts make for fun and engaging fundraising ideas that are sure to get church members involved. By organizing teams and hiding clues, starting, perhaps, in the church parking lot and grounds, participants must work together to find hidden “treasure” and solve puzzles for a prize. Scavenger hunt fundraisers offer churches an interactive way to collect entry fees from teams while providing an exciting afternoon of entertainment […]


scratch off cards

The Power of the Scratch: Fundraising Success at Your Fingertips

Scratch card fundraisers allow a church youth group to raise money by selling “scratches” with hidden monetary amounts and coupons. Volunteers ask for a donation matching the amount revealed when scratched, usually up to $5, and donors receive a sheet of valuable coupons just for participating. The church youth group can charge a small fee per scratch card and utilize the engaging game-like format to motivate congregation members and their friends to donate to their cause […]


creative snow sculpture

The Ultimate Art of Fundraising: Snow and Sand Sculpture Showdown

There aren’t a lot of outdoor winter fundraisers, but this will fit the bill if your area gets lots of snow or if you live by the beach. This temporary art will draw a crowd to your event. Snow and sand sculpture contest fundraisers can be a unique and creative addition to your list of fundraising ideas for your church. These contests not only engage the community but also offer an entertaining way to raise money for a church donation. With participants sculpting their way to victory, it’s an excellent opportunity to blend art, fun, and fundraising all in one snowy or sandy package. […]


custom t-shirt

Fashion for a Cause: The Power of T-Shirt Fundraising

T-shirt fundraisers offer a versatile and engaging way for every member of your church to be a part of supporting your cause. Whether it’s a custom design that spreads a message of faith or a unique logo that represents your church community, these fundraisers allow people to wear their commitment proudly. With the added bonus of providing practical, wearable merchandise, t-shirt fundraisers can unite your church in both purpose and style […]


christmas wreath

Deck the Halls with Dollars: The Magic of Wreath Fundraising

Wreath fundraisers can be a charming and festive way to raise money for your church, both inside and outside your church community. By crafting and selling these decorative wreaths, you can bring a touch of the holiday spirit to homes and spaces while contributing to your church’s financial needs. It’s a win-win, spreading seasonal cheer and helping your church flourish, all through the power of wreaths […]


Q: Why should our church hold a fundraiser?

A: Fundraisers help churches raise money for important projects, expenses, or causes in a way that brings the congregation and community together. They turn a financial need into a fellowship opportunity.

Q: How do we choose what type of fundraiser to do?

A: Consider your fundraising goal amount, available volunteers, congregation skills, and community interests. Choose fundraisers that are feasible for your church to organize and execute.

Q: How can we get the word out about our church fundraiser?

A: Promote through all channels – social media, posters, bulletins, pulpit announcements, local media outlets. Ask members to spread the word to family and friends.

Q: What are some ways to get the congregation involved?

A: Encourage members to volunteer, donate goods, share talents, sponsor parts of the event, and invite friends and family. Incentives like prizes boost involvement.

Q: How can we get local businesses to support our fundraiser?

A: Approach businesses that align with your cause for donations, discounts on needed goods, sponsorships, or help promoting the event. Offer advertising in return.

Q: Should our fundraisers be serious or include fun aspects?

A: While the cause may be serious, adding fun activities, games, music, or food creates a festive environment that encourages community participation and giving.

Q: What are some simple first-time fundraisers to try?

A: Classic options like car washes, bake sales, cookbook sales, pancake breakfasts, and talent shows are easy starting points to build experience.

Q: How can we make our fundraisers stand out?

A: Add creative touches like themes, contests, unique activities, prizes, guest appearances by local celebrities or officials, or tying it into a holiday/event.

Q: How can we keep costs low when organizing a fundraiser?

A: Use volunteer labor, donated goods/services, church facilities, and resources members already own. Avoid unnecessary purchases.

Q: What is an effective church fundraising event idea?

A: An effective church fundraising event idea is one that is engaging, aligns with the values of the church, and appeals to a wide audience. Some examples of effective church fundraising events include a gospel concert, a charity auction, a carnival or fair, a themed bake sale, or a community outreach event.

Q: What are some unique fundraising ideas for small churches?

A: Some unique fundraising ideas for small churches include hosting a talent show where church members showcase their skills, organizing a themed dinner party with live music and entertainment, partnering with local businesses for a percentage of sales on a designated day, or setting up a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for a particular project or cause.