If you’re looking for an excellent fundraising opportunity, ask for a car! Have you ever noticed that some people seem to have lots of used cars, motors and other clutter around their home or land? All of these items can be used to raise money for your organization with just a little bit of help. Most of these people love to clear out the place and get rid of old cars or other items and will gladly donate them if you will remove it for them. Most vehicles are accepted except those in which the value is less than the cost of towing.

Though a very popular form of fundraising, this is one of the more difficult fundraisers to conduct.

How To Raise Money with Car Donations

Car donations are a win-win situation for the organization as well as the person who donates. The organization gets to sell the car or scrap it for metal or parts and the donor gets to remove an eye sore.

Advertisements are the best way to spread the word of this type of fundraiser; a city wide cleanup is a good time to hold this type of event as well. Individuals in the community want to clean up anyway and when given the option they will likely go with the donation. Contact a radio station, local television and newspaper for donated space advertisements.

What To Beware Of…

As with any other type of fundraiser you need to ensure that you understand the details of a car donation fundraiser. While most people are honest and are just looking to help a good cause there are those out there that will try and scam the system. Remember one of the sales points of this is that the donor gets a tax write-off for a donation to a bona-fide charity (note that only donations to 501(c)(3) organizations are eligible for tax deductions).

Make sure to verify the owner of the vehicle and that there is not a lien on the vehicle before you take it in as a donation.

A few other issues to consider in this type of fundraiser is other fees that may be associated. You will need some way to remove the vehicles if they are not drivable and a place to store them. You may want to try and work a deal with a local wrecker service or city storage facility. There will likely be costs associated with cleaning, towing, and registration with a donated vehicle.

Can This Type Of Fundraiser Make Money?

The car donation fundraiser can be very profitable. Your organization will have to be very careful when taking in vehicles, but it can be done. Gather a group of volunteers that will help do a little research and are willing to help you field calls and take in vehicles. Be sure and keep good records and ensure that you have all your bases covered before auctioning the cars off or selling them for scrap!



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