Why are chocolate candy fundraisers so powerful?

Candy bar fundraisers are always popular and help raise a lot of money because candy is so well-liked.

As humans, we’re wired to like things that are sweet because sugar fuels our brains.

Despite our dentist’s warnings, everyone wants it. And everyone eats it. Some people can’t get enough. Sweet tooths (teeth?) abound. Diabetics and weight watchers can partake of the sugarless varieties.

Candy fundraisers for schools are often annual events, like the Katydids fundraiser often is, but even small groups do well with this kind of activity because you don’t need many volunteers to sell candy bars for fundraisers successfully.

chocolate baby

Candy is just so darn good (no matter what you do with it)


Candy fundraisers for individuals?

Candy has high profit margins and is fairly cheap for you and your customers, which is one reason why these fundraisers work so well for fundraising groups of any size – even for individuals.

Most of us have purchased over-priced products from fundraisers, but we don’t mind paying a little extra for candy if we’re only spending a buck or two and especially if we know that we’re helping a worthy cause. And candy works well for all types of fundraising groups, in both affluent and less affluent communities.

Kids and candy bar fundraisers for schools

Kids are great salespeople for fundraising products in general, but perhaps more so with candy, which is probably why school candy fundraisers occur every year.

As long as an adult accompanies them, kids can sell door-to-door to the neighbors, or they can get on the phone to their relatives and friends. Parents can help by selling to their coworkers.

But don’t stop there. To make the best of your money raising efforts, talk to local businesses, call out-of-state relatives, ask a local grocery store to set up a booth, and search for buyers everywhere you can. Potential customers are plentiful.

Candy fundraisers for churches too

Try to get as many volunteers as possible too. Obviously, the more volunteers you have soliciting donations and sales, the more money your group will raise, which is why this fundraiser is ideal for both churches and schools, given the large pool of potential supporters.

Where to get candy for fundraisers

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What others say…

Believe in Yourself

When I was young I was in the camp fire girls, and we would have candy fundraisers every year. And every year I would win the sales contest. My dad would go with me and stand at the street with my boxes of candy in a wagon. I would wear my camp fire girls uniform and I would carry a half full box with me to the door.

Once at the door, I would ring the doorbell and I would put on my biggest smile, showing off my cute little dimples, and missing teeth. After I got a smile from them I would do my pre-rehearsed script.

My winning the contest had nothing to do with any of those things. The reason I won every year was because instead of asking “would you like to buy some candy?”, my question was always “how many candy bars would you like to buy?”

P. McConnell

Raising Money with Band Candy

Several years back my daughter took part in a candy fundraiser for her middle school band. They were already working hard to raise money for their annual band field trip, when the teacher issued a challenge to see who could raise the most. My daughter made the usual rounds to the local stores, factories, and warehouses. Then she took her fundraiser on the road to a major flea market/swap meet which happens every month.

She set up a booth and even managed to bribe her younger brother to help wave hand painted signs. The public response was wonderful! When the event was coming to a close (and she was down to only one more box)she took the rest of the candy around to the vendors who bought every one she had left! After all her time and effort, she raised $218.00 for her band… and a dinner at her favorite restaurant from her very proud parents!


Candy “Fun” Raiser

Working for a local San Diego non-profit that need to raise more for computer equipment, we decided to have a candy “fun-raiser” with our teen volunteers. We had incentives and prizes for the kids who sold certain benchmark levels and the winner received a gift card to Amazon.

Kids love candy, and kids love to sell stuff, you just need to inspire them.

We had the kids sell the candy at school to classmates, to teachers, to parents and family friends. We highly discourage door to door sales for safety reasons.

We were able to raise close to $5,000 within a month to buy our needed computer equipment.