A candy bar fundraiser is an excellent way to raise funds for your school, church or other fundraising group. Candy bars ( chocolate bars or lollipops , and others) are one of the easiest and most popular money raising tools.  And they taste good too. 🙂

While many people may presume that candy bar fundraising should be done by younger children, this is not always the best way to go. A major worry of every parent is safety, and although you may live in a safe neighborhood, you never know who lurks behind every door.

Knock, knock…

For some people, candy bar fundraising has mistakenly become synonymous with “door-to-door sales.” In reality, most candy fundraising sales are made to parents and other family members, friends and neighbors. Successful candy bar fundraisers do not typically require volunteers to canvass neighborhoods. Parents are often involved with these programs, usually soliciting support from co-workers.  For best results, catch them on pay day! 😉

Another powerful way to generate sales is by using email and the web to solicit sales and donations from friends and relatives from across the country.

Raising funds with candy bars is an excellent way to raise money, and it’s easy to raise hundreds of dollars quickly and with a minimum of effort. This is a project that both students and parents will enjoy and there is little risk or organizational effort involved when using a large and experienced company.

Candy Fundraiser Suppliers

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