Dollars and scents.

Almost every household in the United States buys candles, and this motivates a lot of schools, churches, scouts or sports teams to choose candle fundraising in the place of traditional ideas, such as candy bars or cookies.

By offering simple or scented candles to family, friends and neighbors, everybody has a good chance of raising money to meet their fundraising goals.

Why have a candle fundraiser?

Container-based candles, like the one above, burn more slowly and more safely than other types of candles.
Container-based candles, like the one shown above, burn more slowly and more safely than other types of candles.
  • Big profits, small effort
  • Easy to sell, even for kids
  • Some companies offer container-based candles which burn more slowly and safely
  • It’s easy for volunteers to carry samples; most buyers will sniff several samples and imagine how the candles will fill their homes
  • Great variety of pleasing aromas; some favorites are French vanilla, bayberry, apple, pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon, holiday pine, melon burst, and citrus breeze
  • Candle sizes range from small all the way up to giant three-pound ball versions with multiple wicks
  • Several candle fundraising companies offer them in unique and decorative shapes like various fruits, animals, trees and figurines; in addition, large rectangles, cylinders, half-rounds, and tapers are always readily available
  • Perfect fundraiser for Christmas and Mother’s Day

How to raise money with candles:

  • Carry a few candle samples and order forms on hand
  • Encourage larger sales by offering bundle deals at a slightly lower price
  • Control the factors that could affect your profitability by choosing the right company: quality of the brochure, number of available candle choices, the duration of your fundraising activities, etc.
  • Seek out easy selling opportunities such as church gatherings or school events: basketball games, back-to-school nights, or any other event where there will be lots of adults.

Candle fundraiser companies

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Here are some interesting tidbits about candles that show how popular they are: