The structure is everlasting, not the fundraiser itself.

When your school or college is looking to build any new structure, be it a theatre, gym, class room or even a landscaping project, one of the best methods to raise funds to pay for it is through brick fundraising.

Engraved bricks can be used for raising money and provide donor recognition at the same time. Recognition that will last a lifetime or longer.

Bricks (or other materials) are typically engraved with lasers or by sandblasting and adorned with the donor’s name or logo. These bricks are then made a part of the building, walkway or other structure when it is built and they become permanent reminders of the contributors’ generosity.

Just another brick in the wall

Just another brick in the wall

It is not uncommon to see several hundred dollars – or even thousands – charged per brick,

so the money raising potential is enormous, depending upon the size of your project.

Some organizations auction off bricks in prime locations, or groups of bricks for larger donors.

There are several brick fundraiser companies available that offer engraved bricks, pavers and tiles. They offer a wide choice of donor bricks, as well as different fonts and sizes of lettering and coloring and style of the brick.

Where to get them

House Numbers, Inc. – Engraved brick and tile for donor recognition.