Everyone daydreams about seeing his or her name in the sidewalk on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. A brick fundraiser can fulfill this dream for your supporters, at least in your community.

The production end of the fundraiser isn’t difficult. There are some construction logistics involved, and the expenses ramp up quickly. However, the appeal of eternalness and the thought of a brick with one’s name on it located in a public structure is very attractive, and you’re sure to get a lot of takers on this one. Depending on the structure, the donor’s name could be there for everyone to see for many, many years.

  1. Stress to prospective patrons the significance of buying engraved bricks.
  2. Explain that engraved bricks can be bought in memory of loved ones, to mark special events, celebrate special occasions, etc.
  3. Place ads in local newspapers and newsletters and write to your local newspaper to ask if they’ll do a story on your project.
  4. Send brochures/information to the chamber of commerce, senior citizen centers, alumni associations, school districts, PTA’s, neighborhood associations, etc.

Fundraising With Building Materials

Besides bricks, you can also have other materials (picket fence posts for example) engraved as part of your fundraising efforts. Ensure that patrons know the character limits and prices early on, so they can compose a message that fits.

Larger or more prominent bricks are typically dedicated to the largest donors. Smaller donors, while still appreciated, are given peripheral placement, based on the amount donated and/or the time the donation was received.brick walkway

A brick fundraiser doesn’t have to coincide with, or be related to the construction of a specific structure or project. Donor names can be etched into existing materials or a project can be created specifically for raising money, like a walkway or a free-standing donor wall.

Fundraising is about teamwork. If you want your brick fundraiser to make money, you will have to let go of any vestigial nervousness that you may have and begin working together with people.

A brick fundraiser, like any other fundraising idea, needs a team of volunteers, workers and other personnel to help you reach your goals.