Fundraising is an ongoing need for organizations like youth groups, schools, churches, bands, clubs etc. That’s why Boy Scouts have a big tradition in raising money and are always on the lookout for a profitable idea. By combining the enthusiasm and creativity of youth with the sales efforts and quality offerings, these ideas are guaranteed to succeed.

Here are some high profit ideas that never go wrong:

1. Candy and lollipops are very often used by scouts and can sell with a profit of 40-56%. Candies require almost no administrative work and are easy to handle. Most people are eager to buy a chocolate bar to support the scouts.

2. Cookie dough brings also a good profit for the scouts and it’s perfect for those who love freshly baked cookies. It’s an ideal product that can be easily sold to family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and other supporters.

3. Recycling is a fantastic fundraising idea that’s really catching on. It’s perfect for kids, particularly boy scouts because it relates very well to their nature quests. It teaches them about ecology, teamwork and even business.

4. Magazines and magazine subscriptions are products that almost every household buys. The average American family spends more than $100 every year on magazines so it’s an idea that always sells well. Now this type of fundraiser can be done completely online, making it almost too easy.

5. Gift brochures are the best way to fundraise if you don’t want to pay up-front. You can pre-sell the items before you take the order. The brochures have lots of options, including hundreds of items such as holiday ornaments, unique holiday gift ideas, gift-wrap, chocolates and other gifts for people of all ages. People always find something to buy from such brochures.

First aid kits, fire extinguishers, personal safety alarms, are practical ideas for everybody who is concerned with his personal security. It’s an idea best-suited for small groups.

Hints for a Successful Campaign

  • Don’t start a fundraising action at the end of the school year. Most children in schoolcub scouts are now concerned with their academic success and the fundraising shouldn’t interfere with this.
  • Create enthusiasm among the Boy Scout members, make everybody active and motivated. Keep up a good spirit!
  • Stimulate competition between the troop members. Set up selling goals and offer incentives for those who reach them. Offer reward for big sales volumes.
  • Throw a party for the parents and troop members who worked so much for the campaign. Celebrate everyone’s success with some good food and drinks. Showing your appreciation like this and you can count on them for the next time.