Basketball never comes cheap and involves a lot of expenses for uniforms, equipment, tournaments or travel. That’s why the teams are always in need for money, sponsors and for interesting basketball fundraising ideas, which can bring up a lot of profit.

Fundraising at basketball games and team events

One of the best moments to raise money is right during the game itself. The location is perfect since it’s a high traffic area and the fans would do anything to support their teams. The most popular products used in basketball fundraising are:

Go where the sports fans are

  • Spot the busy areas and start selling your products there;
  • Set up a table where fans and patrons meet, and explain the goals of the fundraising and the benefits for the team;
  • Be sure there is always someone available to answer questions, sell products and collect money;
  • Since people will be coming to your games anyway, you won’t have to advertise very much for your fundraising.



The 3-on-3 basketball fundraiser tournament

A hoop-a-thon fundraiser

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