For maximum exposure, open your art show fundraiser exhibit with a paid preview and dinner, and kick it off to the general public with a meet-the-artists gala and auction, for which you can also sell tickets. The artists can assist your fundraising by paying for their booths.

Once you know which charity the proceeds of your art show will be donated to, write up a standard press release and/or media advisory and send it out to newspapers, news stations and local radio stations.

You might be able to secure interviews with a few of the artists for local papers, radio stations and TV morning shows, depending on how well-known they are – thus getting more bang for your buck than just calendar listings that will advise the community about the auction and fundraiser.
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Promoting your Art Show Fundraiser

You will need TWO separate publicity drives for your fundraising art show. First, you must advertise for artists. Then, in the month before the fundraiser you must advertise for patrons to come and buy from the exhibitors.

Advertising for exhibitors guarantees new goods every year to keep your art show fundraiser attractive. Advertising to the community prior to the event brings buyers for your exhibitors.

Arresting the public eye isn’t much of a challenge if you’re the only show in town. However, gallery owners face a constant challenge of putting a fresh face on “what’s new” and “who’s playing” in the gallery, to combat the likely situation of multiple events in multiple venues competing for consumers’ attention.

Arranging your show around a theme is a chance to do something that hasn’t been done before and serves as a savvy marketing tool as well.





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