Tupperware is a high recognition brand in the consumer products industry and has a long tradition in fundraising as well.

Tupperware sells food storage containers, serving products, microwave cookware and children’s toys in more than 100 countries and works with more than 1 million independent salespeople. That says more than enough if you plan to choose a Tupperware fundraiser for your philanthropic cause.

Although it might take some preparation time and selling efforts, Tupperware fund raising has a big community impact and medium-high profitability.

Facts behind a successful Tupperware fundraising

  • In business since 1930, with millions of product sold worldwide;
  • $1 billion multi-national company is one of the world’s leading direct sellers;
  • In 1997 the Tupperware brand was the third most recognized name in home furnishings in the United States;
  • Tupperware fund raising offers products for every budget with prices starting at $6.00;
  • All products manufactured by Tupperware have a lifetime warranty;
  • Large selection of more than 120 products;
  • Toll-free fundraising assistance and prompt customer supportthroughout the term of your fundraising event.
Versatile plastic storage containers come in all data-lazy-sizes

These versatile plastic storage containers come in all sizes

How it works

  • Contact a Tupperware salesperson and confirm your interest in holding a Tupperware fund raiser and request the start and end dates of your fundraiser;
  • You will be shipped fundraising catalogs and envelopes, in batches of 25;
  • Hand the catalogs to your volunteers and they will collect the orders;
  • Upon collecting orders, check the payment from customers and keep 40% of the total pre-tax sales;
  • Send the order forms to the contact person with a check and he will place your orders;
  • After 2 to 3 weeks, you will receive the products. All products will be mailed directly to you.
  • Start distributing the products to your fundraising supporters.