Scratch card fundraising is a brilliant idea that is one of the easiest and most profitable tools for raising money. Scratch off cards can be used for schools, churches, soccer teams or any other fundraising group imaginable.

How do fundraising scratch cards work?

On each scratch card are several rows of silver dots like you’d find on a lottery ticket. Your fundraising volunteer asks potential donors if they’d like to play a scratch game to help your fundraiser. Under each dot is an amount from zero to $5.00 and the person agrees to donate whatever amount appears under the dot that he or she chooses to scratch off.

sample image of scratchcards used for fundraising

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The best part is that even if they end up donating the maximum amount, they still get a sheet with valuable coupons just for participating! Truly, the scratch card fundraiser is a win-win proposition.

The beauty of the scratch off fundraiser is that most people are willing to play the game because they know that the maximum amount that they will have to pay is only five bucks and their obligation might even be less, and they get a bunch of coupons worth more than that just for playing.

Fundraiser scratch cards and supporter generosity

Many times people who scratch off smaller amounts will still donate the higher amount anyway. Given the chance, many people will do the right thing and support your worthy cause.

Built-in profit for every card

Even if everyone pays only the minimum amount that they scratch off, each card is worth about $90.00 to your fund raising group, all without selling, ordering, delivering and returning to collect money.

This is also a great add-on to many of the fund raisers we list on this site. Ask your existing sponsors and pledges if they’d like to play a scratch game. Even if they’re already giving to your fund raising group in some other way, many people are still willing to play because of the small amounts involved.

Where to get fundraiser scratch off cards

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What others say…

Smashing Scratchcard Success

A few months ago, our school decided to have a fundraiser using scratchcards. This was the first ever scratchcard fundraiser we ever had. The fundraiser was for the annual fundraiser we have every year in order to raise money for the students.

This year the school decided to make the prizes for the students better than ever in order to increase the amount of money raised. The first top prize was a 50 inch plasma screen which was extremely popular. The second place prize was 2 tickets to Disney World. The tickets were good for 3 days in the park. The third place winner would received a blockbuster gift card for 25 dollars. The better quality prizes were what truly had the students excited about the fundraiser. They were also aware that the money being raised would be used for them which also increased their enthusiasm.

What truly is key to a successful fundraiser is the prizes and the level of enthusiasm. Everyone wants to benefit from anything they possibly can. Therefore, better prizes and benefits result in a lot more money raised. In the end the school and its students raised a total of 6,500 dollars to use for the end of the year parties. The money was also used to update the school’s library, and add more comfortable chairs.

Easy and Profitable Fundraiser

During my time at Mount Pleasant High School in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, my organization worked scratchcard fundraisers in order to obtain money for the organization. In particular, I was a member of the National Honor Society and we used scratchcards to obtain money for your yearly philanthropic donation. We usually donated the proceeds from our scratchcard fundraiser to the Red Cross.

To make our fundraiser a success, we always advertised. Not only did we advertise the cause and the fundraiser itself, but we advertised the coupons and various prizes that come with a scratchcard fundraiser. We contacted the local radio station, hung up flyers and local businesses, put up banners around school, advertised on the local bulletin board, and even announced the fundraiser during halftime of high school games.

Overall, we had a great turnout due to our advertising efforts. While scratchcards are easy to do, it is sometimes harder to find people to donate, though, because they aren’t getting a solid product as they would with a candle sale or bake sale. Also, they are not really for young children because it does promote a feel of gambling. Overall, though, the scratchcard fundraiser yielded a high profit with minimal work – a sponsors dream!


Scratchcard Fundraiser for Computers

I work at an elementary school in Los Angeles and our school desperately needed new computers.

We were successful in selling scratchcards because we sold them right before Christmas break.

A few of my students stood in front of markets or convenience stores (with permission from the managers).

Most people were in the Christmas spirit and didn’t mind spending a few dollars and we stressed the coupons they would be getting.

We raised $1000 in total and were able to buy two computers for our library with our school discount. It was a fun time and everyone enjoyed them.

Los Angeles, CA