I belong to the Grange. It is a family oriented organization that has been around for well over 100 years. One of its main reasons for existence nowadays is to perform civic projects and fundraisers. We have done things for local hospitals, charities, and each year we adopt several families who need some help at Christmas time.

Since it is a rural farm type of group, we have many “little old lady” types who grew up and learned to cook on the farm. They were responsible for feeding a lot of hungry workers during harvest. Those culinary skills were honed over the years and they have become experts in their field. Their fame may not be widespread, but locally they and their amazing cooking abilities are talked about regularly. We all know someone like that…someone who has a reputation for being a great cook.

For one of our fundraisers we decided to design and market a personalized family cookbook that was filled with the recipes from all of our “little old ladies.” We got the idea from a local company who publishes cookbooks for fundraising. Their website instructed us just how to go about the process. We formed a committee and gathered those precious recipes. (Some of which we had to practically pry from the hands of the various cooks. They were reluctant at first, but when they realized it was for a good cause the acquiesced.)

Once that was done we went about deciding on the format and style. There were many options available, but the committee eventually picked what we wanted.

To make a potentially long story short, it was a great success. In fact, the first year we sold out in a matter of days when we sold them at our county fair. The next year we had more printed up, and the same thing happened. It seems that each year we have more cookbooks printed and sell them easily. To be honest, they haven’t sold as fast in the last few years, but we sure did get our money’s worth out of that project.

I ended up talking to some of their advertising people, and they asked if I would work for them. Now I write stories about the company and their customers. Using Cookbook Publishers as our conduit to making money was not only a great deal for our Grange, it has helped me personally. Family style cookbooks are a top-notch fundraiser if you ask me.

Robert Barber writes for Cookbook Publishers, which is a company that has been printing fundraising cookbooks since 1947. I guess you could say that they must know what they are doing. When he isn’t writing or enjoying his family on his 6 acre farm in eastern Kansas, he is riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle across the US to visit friends and see the country. Robert got involved with Cookbook Publishers after his fraternal organization used them to create cookbooks for their fundraiser.