There are a couple of things to keep in mind when searching for the best cheerleading fund raiser.

Ultimately, when searching for the best fundraiser, you need to choose the event or idea that your cheerleading group is most comfortable with. That could be large scale events like bake sales and car washes , or you can send each family out on their own to sell products like candy or cookie dough .

Cheerleading groups have had success with either type of fundraiser. Some groups even combine both types of activities for maximum earnings.

Your money or your life

The tricky part about fundraising for many groups is weighing the value of your time and that of your volunteers against the earnings potential of the activity or event you’re planning. As an example, if you have thirty volunteers who spend an average of 10 hours each on your event and you ultimately earn, say $3000, is it worth it?

Let’s see. If you value each hour spent at a modest $10 , then your group will break even.

To illustrate:

30 volunteers x 10 hours each = 300 hours
300 hours x 10 dollars per hour = $3000

But if any volunteer can earn more than $10 per hour through their normal employment, she would realistically be better off writing a check for the one hundred dollars, instead of donating time, and then taking a tax deduction for the cash donation.

One of your goals then, is to find events or activities that are worth it for all of your volunteers to be involved, i.e., those that make more money from your volunteers’ time than from their monetary donations.

Even with simple activities like candy fundraisers or selling magazines you should consider the value of your volunteers’ time. And before ordering any products, set realistic goals about how much of it you’ll be able to sell.


Many cheerleader fund raisers these days utilize scratchcards because of their simplicity and high profit margins. They often beat other fundraising methods in return on time invested.